Quotes About What Women Really Want

Jordan Claes
What women want quote
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The last thing that women need or want is for a man to tell them what they need and want. I don't claim to be an expert, nor do I even claim to know — so don't get it twisted.

That said, I've learned enough through my own mistakes to at least be able to understand what women don't want. So this is me, on the outside looking in, coming at you with some hard and fast quotes about what women really want (or don't want).

It's a fair question.

I think that this Twitter is sitting on a million-dollar idea, you could even call it "Abs"! If I could make one suggestion, however, let's swap out HGTV for Bravo. I think a bar that served only margaritas and played nothing but episodes of The Real Housewives is exactly the kind of place this world needs.

You can't have one without the other.

As the old saying goes, words without actions and frivolous and meaningless. Men, instead of telling your woman what you're going to do, try showing her what you've accomplished after already having done it. It's just better that way.

Understand the difference between needs and wants.

A strong independent woman needs no man — never forget that. Every day that she wakes up with you is a conscious choice, one that can and will drastically change should you give her any reason to doubt or question you.

In what universe would Jason Mamoa be considered ugly?!

I'm happily engaged to the woman I love and I'd still let Jason Mamoa lick the side of my face. Anyone who would ever think to call this Hawaiian god ugly needs to have their eyes (and most likely their head) checked.