20 Mildly Terrifying Pics That Make Me Question The Definition Of 'Mildly'

Ashley Hunte
An Etsy ad for a long Furby with a mannequin hand.
Reddit | furyslefteye

I don't know what it is about creepy pictures that I find so fascinating and entertaining. It's like, one of those things you know you should probably look away from, but just can't.

A lot of these pictures are considered "mildly" or "oddly" terrifying, and yet they seem way creepier than that. Or maybe it's just me.

The party room.

An old, worn down room with nothing in it but a single cake and a happy birthday banner.
Reddit | TM01xPawan

This room is triggering my fight or flight response right now, not gonna lie. I really don't want to know what kind of party was held in there.

"Artwork on wall of fast food joint..."

The wall of a fast food restaurant with a picture on it. The picture is of a woman lifting a baby in the air, but it's flipped sideways so that the woman is holding the baby the wrong way.
Reddit | cweirick

Something tells me this print isn't supposed to be up like that. Maybe flip it 90 degrees and it'll look normal, but for now, it just looks oddly horrifying.

"Wife’s childhood friend."

The top of a closet. Among folded clothes and linens, part of a doll's head can be seen.
Eeddit | fury72

It's all fun and games until you see the doll head poking out from behind those sheets. Then, you're probably just going to have to nope right out of there.

"Who wants a glass of this cursed whiskey?"

A bottle with a scorpion and snake suspended in liquid. A label by the bottle explains that it's cobra and scorpion whiskey, and that it can be consumed.
Reddit | JudasPriest1992

This is like when you have tequila with a worm in it, but ramped up by, like, a thousand. Sure, you could drink out of that bottle. But the real question is: why would you want to?

"Abandoned Colorado Gold Mine: Communications Shack - 1.5hr hike off a dirt road @9600ft."

An abandoned mine that's incredibly dark and run down.
Reddit | WhereHelldidIPutThat

Yeah, no thanks. I have to hand it to people who are willing to explore abandoned buildings; they're a lot braver than I could ever be.

The remains of this cake.

A half-eaten cake shaped like some kind of strange cat. The head is still intact.
Reddit | MyNameIsPhip

This cake would be terrifying enough if it was whole, but the fact that people cut it up and ate part of it makes it even worse. Maybe it's better to just put it out of its misery.

"Tried to get a photo of my dog laying happily in the pile of mess she made. then she sneezed."

A dog laying on the ground, sneezing next to a destroyed stuffed animal.
Reddit | No_Cryptographer5870

What could've been an adorably hilarious picture ended up being the stuff of nightmares. Man, why do dogs have to sneeze like that?

"Snow on steps."

A wooden plank partially covered in snow. The parts where the snow has melted create shapes that make the plank look like it has a skeleton face.
Reddit | amphibbian

Yeah, that's absolutely horrifying. The fact that the snow melted in just the right (or maybe the wrong) spots transforms this harmless plank into a literal monster.

"This picture of my cat."

A dimly lit dining room. On top of the hutch, a black cat's silhouette is visible.
Reddit | greenpaint2

Cats are so weird. One minute, they're all cute and cuddly. The next minute, they're kind of mean and want nothing to do with you.

And then a little while later, they start lurking around your house like a ghost.

"Look what I found buried in the woods."

An old, dirt-covered doll on a dirty lawn chair, standing next to a switchblade.
Reddit | SalaGamet

I'm sure there's a perfectly innocent reason as to why this doll was buried in the woods. A reason that has nothing to do with it being possessed by a demon, I hope.

Also, what's with the knife?

"This snowman my bus passed by."

A snowman covered in dirt and leaves, and partially melted, along the side of the road in the evening.
Reddit | Willing-Definition-5

At one point, this snowman was probably very nice and very happy. Now, he just looks rundown and sad. It's both terrifying and upsetting to look at.

"In the mid 90's this 'Big Bird' we had gave me nightmares."

An old photograph of a nursery, with a strange Big Bird plush on the ground in between a crib and a rocking chair.
Reddit | DatMX5

I feel like most of us had at least one toy that freaked us out as a small child. I know I had this weird doll that we had to throw out eventually. Probably just as creepy as this Big Bird toy, I'd say.

"Shrek Nicholas Cage pillow."

A pillow with a picture of Nicholas Cage's head edited to look like Shrek.
Reddit | RapidCorrus

Yeah, there's something really off about this picture. Sure, it's pretty funny. But I also wouldn't want this pillow in my house at night.

"Just got into my car and wanted a piece of gum."

A pack of gum with a fortune on the package that reads, "Unless you are cautious you could be heading for an accident."
Reddit | spooky_Rosie1227

Yeah... this is probably the last thing you'd want to read right before you're about to drive somewhere. No one wants to think of what kinds of accidents could happen while they're in a car.

"This is a dry stingray."

A dead, dried stingray cut and molded to look like some kind of demon.
Reddit | Disaterous_Can_5466

Apparently, this was a thing people used to do at one point. They're called Jenny Hanivers, and they're so creepy and gross!

"This jolly mascot."

A strange cartoon wolf mascot wearing checkered overalls and giving a thumbs up.
Reddit | Altair72

I hate everything about this creature. I hate his smile, his outfit, and the super unnerving style he's been drawn in. Just, keep it away from me, please and thank you.

"I make succulent planters from old dolls."

A doll planter painted with different iridescent colours.
Reddit | RealActualLamp

I usually really hate doll planters because they look so creepy. And, like, this one looks pretty creepy too, but it's also kind of nice?

Still too creepy to want one in my house, though.

"Why exist in one dimension when you can exist in multiple?"

A cracked phone screen that's glitching out and making everything on the screen appear double.
Reddit | Mobima

I guess this is what happens if you're unlucky enough to crack your phone screen. On one hand, it's truly tragic. But on the other hand, it's pretty terrifying.

"As if the toys weren’t terrifying enough…"

An Etsy ad showing a long Furby with a mannequin hand.
reddit | furyslefteye

I know that long Furbys are a thing that people, like, legit love. But I just don't see the appeal. I would absolutely hate it if this thing was in my house, watching me sleep...

This cat cake is a little too realistic if you ask me...

Half of the head of a realistic cat cake, set sideways on a plate.
Reddit | sukoshibear

I'm actually super impressed by how realistic this cake looks. And by impressed, I also mean terrified. I don't know if I could stomach eating that thing.