Grabbing My Cowboy Hat, Because 'Yellowstone' Is Getting A Second Spinoff

Alicia D'Aversa
Paramount | Paramount

The world of Yellowstone is expanding and I for one, could not be any happier. There is nothing I want more in life than to watch cowboys gallop around and make bad situations worse. I know that can sound like sarcasm, but I'm being dead serious.

Who doesn't like drama, am I right? And if we can count on anything, it would be the continuous drama that Yellowstone provides us with.

Tanya Giles, chief programmer at ViacomCBS announced that the next 'Yellowstone' spinoff will take place in 1932, and will follow a new generation of Dutton family members.

Paramount | Paramount

"The incredible storytelling and stellar performances behind 1883 have fueled phenomenal new records for Paramount+," said Giles.

"Promoting the series through linear sampling on the Paramount Network during their latest record-breaking season of Yellowstone further enabled us to introduce Sheridan's loyal audience to this fantastic new series."

Paramount Network | Paramount Network

"We look forward to bringing fans even more of the Duttons' origin story."

While I'm here to bring the good news of a second prequel being released, you should also know that 'Yellowstone 1883' is also returning for a second season.

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The renewal was practically a no-brainer since the show was one of the most-watched titles for the streaming service ViacomCBS.