Server Prevents Woman From Ordering What She Wants To 'Protect' Her Figure

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Lorraine Bracco looking indignant in restaurant
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For as much progress as we've seen in dismantling sexist institutions over the years, the unfortunate truth is that it's still hardly uncommon for women to face dismissive and patriarchal attitudes when they're just trying to live their lives.

This is particularly common in professional settings as some women will find that clients will avoid them if they're working in a male-dominated field, while others will find their ideas dismissed by coworkers and then stolen by the same people who shut them down.

But this problem could realistically arise at any time, which can even have life-threatening implications when a serious medical problem isn't taken seriously by doctors.

Fortunately, the story we're about to go over isn't quite that serious. Nonetheless, it's still a perfect example of how these attitudes can arise where we least expect them.

While a woman who goes by Ancient-Abs on Reddit was visiting a Mexican restaurant, she received a chicken taco salad.

taco salad
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And while she explained in a Reddit post that she thought this would be perfectly fine to eat, it also wasn't what she ordered.

She wanted a pork taco salad, so she took the opportunity to address her server's mistake when he gave her the opportunity.

For any non-entitled customer, this would normally be a fairly simple accident with a simple solution. But the problem was that there was no mix-up behind her altered order.

Because the server immediately made it clear that he had swapped her pork out for chicken on purpose.

server with annoying facial expression
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With a wink, he said that he had done so in the interest of "protecting her slim figure."

In Ancient-Abs' words, "From his expression you could tell he expected me to thank him for being considerate."

As you might imagine, that didn't turn out to be such a realistic expectation.

And while some commenters guessed that this was his way of covering a mistake, the woman said that nothing in his demeanor gave that impression.

Lorraine Bracco looking indignant in restaurant
youtube | HBO

As she put it, "He thought it would be better for me and that he thought once he told me I’d agree. But I didn’t, because I wanted what I ordered."

And from the sounds of things, that situation soon became even more awkward because in order to actually get what she wanted, Ancient-Abs had to get the server's female manager involved.

But in the end, she got exactly the kind of taco salad she had in mind.

h/t: Reddit | Ancient-Abs