Adorable Four-Year-Old Narrates Her Snowboarding Adventures With Dad's Mic

Mason Joseph Zimmer
child in dinosaur snowsuit lying in the snow with snowboard attached
instagram | @chasing.sage

It's always funny and fascinating to get a sense of what the little kids in our lives are thinking.

But while it's cute to hear my cousin's kid lecture me about trains, we can often see that the conversations they're having with themselves are just as precious. It's for that reason that people really get a kick out of it when parents attach a microphone to their children before they're about to do something or see what kind of search history they've accumulated before they even hit puberty.

After all, the results tend to be either adorably bizarre or far more relatable than we expected.

And even though I've never been snowboarding, I can only hope that I have as much fun doing so as one little girl in Washington did.

Ever since Robert Garlow's kids were born, he's been documenting their lives with a special emphasis on capturing their thought processes and what they have to say.

child in dinosaur snowsuit snowboarding among trees
instagram | @chasing.sage

And as he told Good Morning America, his four-year-old daughter Aubrin Sage has also been snowboarding since she was 18 months old.

Considering what they're both passionate about, it's almost surprising that he only recently had the idea to mic her up and figure out what she's thinking while she snowboards.

But while he initially didn't think the results would be interesting enough to post online, his 100,000 Instagram followers are glad he changed his mind.

As we'll soon see, Sage had a lot to say as she took to the slopes and she expressed much of it through song.

child in dinosaur snowsuit lying down in snow with snowboard attached
instagram | @chasing.sage

Whether she's trying to get to her "secret path" (which she discovers isn't quite as secret as she thought) or wondering whether she'll fall, she has a very tuneful style of narration.

Garlow also told Good Morning America that she's wise beyond her years and it's hard not to agree when she says it's OK to fall because we all fall.

Even as adults, that's something we'd do well to remind ourselves of from time to time.

And of course, it doesn't hurt that she's doing all of this in an adorable little dinosaur snowsuit.

And it's something another rider picks up on during one of her wipe outs, as he asks what kind of dinosaur she is.

To that, she excitedly says she's a "powder-saurus," but reconsiders that after a few futile attempts to get up.

Faced with that situation, she instead says, "I'm a stucka-saurus."

And while some kids might cry at this predicament, that isn't Sage's style.

In Garlow's words, "She's learned how to deal with adversity whether that be inclement weather, personal discomfort or frustration and maintain a positive attitude through it."

h/t: Good Morning America