Woman Storms Out Of Restaurant After BF Brings A Bell To Get Waiter's Attention

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Considering how many people hold their first dates at restaurants, it stands to reason that the servers of the world would see a lot of them go down over the course of their careers.

And since a lot of us can personally attest to how aggravating the dating world can be, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that a lot of those dates go really badly.

But it's one thing to witness a bad date as a server and quite another to suddenly find yourself involved in it whether you want to be or not.

And while this scenario usually involves one of the daters hitting on their server or trying to impress their date by flexing their status to this person, one man managed to find a whole new way to put his romantic plans in jeopardy.

Although it's unclear where the woman we're about to hear from lives, we know it isn't within the United States because that's where her boyfriend Rhett hails from.

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As she explained in a Reddit post, they've been going out for about four months and they live in different towns, so they usually just see each other on weekends.

One of these weekends saw the couple go to a diner in his new town, but Rhett had apparently come up with a weird idea since they last met up.

I say all of this to explain why it came out of absolutely nowhere for the woman when Rhett took a bell out of his coat pocket and started ringing it when he was ready to order.

Not only did the woman find this confusing, but also embarrassing and annoying because the bell was very loud and shrill.

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And once he explained that he was doing this to get a server's attention, the woman became even more embarrassed and told him to stop. Nevertheless, he kept shaking it.

As the woman put it, "I can not begin to explain the looks we received from everyone."

Although she threatened to leave if he didn't stop, Rhett held firm and said that he'd keep doing it until somebody came and took his order.

But by the time someone did, she was already heading out the door.

After following her, he started arguing that he couldn't see why this was embarrassing for her since to him, it seemed like a good way to avoid being kept waiting.

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He also told her that it's common to get the attention of wait staff this way in the U.S., but she countered by saying it's inappropriate and embarrassing where she lives.

From there, he told her that she was being too sensitive and overreacting. He also blamed her for ruining dinner by treating his behavior as shameful.

In the woman's words, "He basically told me to get off my high horse and stop calling his 'genius' idea embarrassing."

Now that Rhett has been sulking for days and wants an apology, the woman is wondering whether she did overreact and simply fell victim to a cultural difference.

But when Reddit's verdict came in, it was clear to her that Rhett was just lying about American customs to justify his behavior.

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As one user said, "American here who worked in restaurants for over 10 years. People do not do this. And a few of the places I worked at would 100% kick a person out doing this."

Another thought that his actions constituted a whole box of red flags when it came to his lack of respect for the wait staff, his fellow diners, and especially his girlfriend.

In this person's words, "He's completely unwilling to accept that he might be wrong; when told his behavior is unacceptable he refuses to take anyone elses perspective but his own."

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