18 Tattoos That Come With A Personal Backstory

Kasia Mikolajczak
Reddit | u/[deleted]

Getting a tattoo is sure a personal decision. Many people make that choice because they are inclined to do so by an important life milestone. Others want to commemorate a special moment or a person that had a huge impact on them.

Regardless of the occasion, each and every one of these tattoos have a special story to tell, and I'm going to share just a few of them with you today. Check them out and let me know your favorite.

This Interesting Choice

Tattoo inspired by Michael Jackson's "Bad"
Reddit | u/laurifroggy

"Michael Jackson's songs give me peace. Everything that inspires you is always a great tattoo."

I totally agree with that. If this lady is happy with her Michael Jackson-inspired tattoo, then that's all that matters, huh? I think it looks quite cool.

This Happy Dance

Snoopy tattoo
Reddit | u/Phreak74

Speaking of things that make you happy, this tattoo here is no exception. This is how the person who got it explained it all "After decades of denial & struggle with depression I celebrated with this tattoo of the happy dance." Amazing, no?

This Daily Reminder

Leopard tattoo
Reddit | u/Axyyz_1776

"F=ma. The basic formula of motion. A reminder that life is constantly in motion and that I also need to keep moving forward and progressing in all areas of my life."

How cool is that, huh?

This Dad Tat

Bear and cub tattoo
Reddit | u/thebalf

It's a huge life milestone when you become a dad, so this awesome dad wanted to commemorate that. He not only got a tattoo of a papa bear but included his cub, too. Awe, I love that.

This Rad Tat

Tattoo of a puzzle piece with the piece next to it
Reddit | u/Dream-Head

"New tattoo done by Aaron Barben at Human Canvas in Pittsburgh, PA. Puzzle is from 1973 and I used to put it together with my grandmother when I was young. And Halloween is my favorite."

I really dig this idea.

This Musical Tribute

leg tattoos
Reddit | u/_skiar

"In honor of the album that saved my life finally being on Spotify, wanted to share a section of my fully healed thigh sleeve done by Sasha at Salvation Tattoo in Dallas, TX, last winter."

Hmm, interesting, right?

This Man's Best Friend

A dog tattoo
Reddit | u/orcamazing

"Tribute piece for my best friend Josie. Done by Matthew Leroux at Nitty Gritty tattoo in London, Ont."

Ah, fellow Canadian here, I see. Not only that, but I'm super impressed with the amazing quality of this tattoo. I bet his best girl would be so proud of him.

This Spark Of Imagination

black and white back tattoo
Reddit | u/invisblea

"Did this tattoo today based on my own drawing."

Wow, can you believe that? This tattoo here is stunning. I'm amazed by all the detail the artist put into this piece. What do you think of it?

This Fulfilling Piece

cat and comma tattoo
Reddit | u/wailordlord

"I just got my first tattoo to commemorate my battle with depression! ... Well I love cats but the semicolon means that my life doesn’t stop after depression, there is more life to live. It’s a pause, not a stop."

That's amazing, bravo!

This Brotherly Love

arm tattoo
Reddit | u/mikeyyyy1234

"A piece dedicated to my little brother who recently passed."

My heart goes out to this man for his tremendous loss. I hope this beautiful tattoo brings him some peace and solace in knowing that his brother will always be with him.

This Arm Piece

Clarinet tattoo next to the instrument
Reddit | u/BaleineBleue

"First tattoo! Clarinet designed by my father and done by Pascal Guimond at Sinister Skin in Port Moody, B.C."

Oh, nice. It's so cool to see that father and son were able to enjoy the tattoo process together. I think this is such an awesome and interesting design.

These Childhood Memories

Black and white arm tattoo
Reddit | u/Spread_thee_love

"My first tattoo in honor of my childhood spent reading and running around the forests of Northern Michigan."

Oh, nice! If you could commemorate your favorite childhood memories in a tattoo, what design would you choose? I would really like to know.

This Family Affair

three people with arm tattoos
Reddit | u/PrincessMiaMoo

"Got adopted at 22. My new mom, sister, and I got matching tattoos today."

Oh, my, talking about a family affair, huh? That's pretty amazing. Am I right? This moment must've been so special to all of them.

This Sweet Gesture

reference picture and tattoo next to it
Reddit | u/Sleexic

"I figured you guys might like the tattoo I got of my parents on their honeymoon."

Aww, isn't that so sweet, eh? I wish I had something like this too. I think it's not only a perfect tattoo but so romantic. What do you think of it?

This Beloved Pet Tribute

Dog tribute cartoon tattoo
Reddit | u/LdyGoodBread

"Me and my dog who passed away."

I don't know if I told you, but I've always wanted to get a tribute tattoo for my dog. But I can honestly say I've never seen it done in such a fun way. I love the cartoon idea here.

This Cool Senior

butterfly tattoo on an arm
Reddit | u/lindafromevildead

"I took a lovely lady to cross off a bucket list item today — get a tattoo before she turns 80!"

Oh my goodness, how fantastic is that, huh? Good for her. She waited long enough, ha, ha. Am I right? Not only is this butterfly gorgeous, but I'm so proud of her for making this bold choice.

This Tribute To Mom

Tattoo and drawing beside it
Reddit | u/[deleted]

"Lost my mom in April, got a tattoo of one of her drawings and her handwritten note she wrote me."

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. Isn't it? And what a sweet gesture to get your mom's drawing and her handwriting tattooed on you. I'm in love with this.

I'm really touched by all these special tattoos here.

Two tattooed arms holding hands
Pexels | Pexels

These folks really went out of their way to commemorate the people, animals, and unique occasions in a grand way. Do you agree? Have you ever gotten a tattoo that has a touching story to tell?

This Important Piece

Tattoo behind the ear signifying a deaf person
Reddit | u/jbvo8

"This is my FIRST tattoo. I’m deaf in my left ear and I’ve never been more excited!"

I can't even imagine what this man here is going through. But I'm happy to see that this tattoo made him feel as excited as it seems. Kudos to him for going forward with this idea.