20 People Who Didn't Let Reality Spoil Their Good Time

Ashley Hunte
A tattoo of solid lines with text underneath it that reads, "this was cool in '98."
Reddit | mattjh

Let's face it, life is full of things we don't want to deal with. And yet, we have to deal with those things, anyway. Basically, life has a way of being unfair.

But that doesn't mean it can't also be fun. The people in this list, for instance, decided to just roll with the punches and have a good time against all the odds. What brave, brave souls.

"I’m a middle school teacher. I decided to combine the awkwardness of peer revision and Valentine’s Day into one activity. The kids loved it."

A Valentine's themed peer review sheet, accompanied by fill in the blank and checkmark spaces. Two paper hearts sit next to the sheet.
Reddit | forgetsusernam3s

These are probably the two most awkward things a middle schooler has to deal with and this teacher went and combined them. On the plus side, it looks like all the awkwardness somehow cancelled itself out and became fun, maybe.

"My wife bought some helium balloons for our son's birthday party."

A bootleg Super Mario foil helium balloon labeled "Super Mary."
Reddit | Krjpton

See, this is what happens when people pronounce Mario like "Mary-O." Next thing you know, he just becomes Super Mary. And starts looking like a horrible off-brand version of himself.

On the plus side, the son probably won't care.

"Asked for some extra sauce."

A takeout container filled to the brim with hot sauce; it's spilling over the sides. A hand coming from the side of the image is holding a single chicken wing smothered in the same sauce.
Reddit | cyb3rg0d5

Most takeout places give you the tiniest bit of extra sauce when you ask for it. This place gave OP an almost comical amount. At least it'll be good for leftovers and stuff.

"I got her flowers and she one-upped me."

A bed with a heart made out of Corona beer bottles and limes on it. Behind the heart, several packages and boxes of snack foods sit.
Reddit | squant000

This is a truly hilarious, yet somehow heartwarming Valentine's Day gift. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who would rather have a bunch of beer than flowers, anyway.

"I think someone at ADOT is trying to flirt with me."

An electronic highway sign that reads, "Roses are red violets are blue buckle up we luv u."
Reddit | Tayswizzie

I'm not gonna lie, this would make me feel really special. Sure, I'd already be wearing my seatbelt, and thousands of other people would also be driving by this sign, but I'd still feel special.

"I couldn't believe how lucky I was!"

A store display for feta cheese. The sign shows the price as $3.99, and indicates that it's on sale, despite the regular price also being $3.99.
Reddit | hardonhistoys

I swear, it's like some stores don't realize that their "sales" aren't sales at all. But hey, at least you can make light of something as deeply annoying and confusing as this.

"It recently occurred to me that you can write anything on these."

A Grubhub receipt showing the items purchased for someone's meal. In the order request section, it reads, "life is fleeting and each moment could be your last."
Eeddit | irate-librarian

Sure, you could write about the inevitability of death in the request section of your Grubhub order, and then post about it online. Like, no one is going to stop you.

"Gonna surprise the wife with some flours for Valentine's Day."

Two plastic grocery bags, each filled with three medium-sized sacs of baking flour.
Reddit | mulrooney13

I'm both impressed by the dedication to the pun, and terrified by the reaction that this person's wife is going to have. I see a lot of really dense bread in their future.

"Made our-dog-shaped pancakes for my wife this morning."

A plate with a deformed dog face-shaped pancake on it. Next to and behind the plate, two dogs sit.
Reddit | whimsicalsprites

I mean, it almost looks like the dog to the right of the plate. And it's going to be eaten, so it basically doesn't matter.

But can I just say, the dog behind the plate really makes this picture.

"My neighbors have the 12-foot Home Depot Skeleton and keep it up all year, decorating it for every holiday. Here's their V-Day décor."

The infamous Home Depot skeleton decoration in a person's front yard. It's decorated for Valentine's Day, with hearts over the eye sockets and a red floral wreath in one hand.
Reddit | ObserverProject

I mean, if you owned a $300+, 12-foot skeleton decoration, would you take it down every November? Probably not. Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches.

"Best license plate!"

A picture taken from inside a car of a Saturn Ion with the licence plate: "G2GPOOP."
reddit | kicker58

I don't know what's more impressive, the fact that they were able to get away with that vanity plate, or the fact that they have a Saturn Ion that still works.

"I hit a bullseye."

An axe throwing booth. One axe that had been thrown hit the border beneath the actual target, in the middle of the written phrase, "#BullseyeSelfie."
Reddit | ImperialCrusader17

This is what happens when your aim (and ax-throwing ability) is so bad, it actually ends up being kind of good. Because, like, they technically did hit a bullseye. Just not the right one.

"My wife got me an engraved watch band. A little ominous…"

A hand holding a watch that is flipped over to show the inside of the band. Engraving in the band reads, "I will love you for the rest of YOUR life 5/10/14."
Reddit | Stumbling_Corgi

This is the kind of gift a wife gives when she's planning on outliving her husband. The only question is, does she plan on letting him grow old with her, or is it a bit more sinister than that...

"Who bested who?"

A bandaged hand set in front of a plate full of cooked oysters on ice.
reddit | maxxhock

Oysters may be nice for date night, but they're also dangerous, apparently. Or, maybe this person was just super uncoordinated. Or super unlucky.

"Family photos."

A photo of a couple standing and smiling outdoors. Behind them, two kids are fighting, just out of focus.
Reddit | eldridgephotography

This is probably the most accurate representation of a family ever. Two parents pretending everything is fine, plus two kids having it out in the background. It's a tale as old as time.

"This sign by the cafeteria staff trying to appeal to Gen Z and get us to eat fruit or vegetables."

A sign in a school cafeteria that reads, "Bruh!!!!!! Everyone must have a fruit or vegetable on their tray!!! It's none of our business if you eat it or not. Don't hate the players, hate the game. Alright bruh. Thanks Cuz. Your Bussin Lunch Crew."
Reddit | sumwhitekidinFL

I'm cringing, but I'm also laughing so hard right now. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. And if you can't join 'em, let them laugh at something ridiculous you posted in the cafeteria.

"A bouquet of flowers!"

A hand holding on to the stems of hot peppers that have had their bodies cut off. The way they are held resembles a flower bouquet.
Reddit | MrCornSalad

Look, roses are expensive. You know what's a lot less expensive? Hot peppers. Plus, you get so much more use out of them. Just make sure not to touch your eyes right after holding this bouquet.

"Spooky Valentine’s Day."

A life-sized Michael Myers Halloween decoration with a heart-shaped sign on it that reads, "Someone ad--Myers you."
Reddit | flyingpansexual0405

This honestly has it all. A random Halloween decoration in the middle of February. A top tier pun. Okay, it has two things, but those two things are just really great.

"My engineering teacher made this on why 'dating us nerds' is a great idea."

A PowerPoint slide that lists the top 10 reasons to date an engineer, including knowing how to push the right buttons (on calculators) and knowing how to heat transfer.
Reddit | Dry_Substance_3163

I'm sure the life of an engineer is pretty tough. All that work leaves you with no time to try and find a date. But maybe this hilarious slide will show people why dating engineering nerds is a good idea!

"Shoulder the burden."

A tattoo on a person's bare arm. The design is slightly faded, depicting a flame-like shape made out of solid lines. A second tattoo underneath it has an arrow pointing to the first tattoo, and text that reads, "this was cool in '98."
Reddit | mattjh

Yeah, those kind of tattoos are pretty out of fashion these days. But at least this person had enough of a sense of humor to make the most of their dated trend.