Dog In Shelter For Over 200 Days Awaits Forever Home After Failed Valentine's Party

Mason Joseph Zimmer
dog with "free kisses" bandana stands in front of Valentine's decorations
twitter | @Mary_Cathryn610, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

No matter how many loving people are ready to open their homes to a new, furry friend, it seems that the world never runs out of animals awaiting adoption.

For that reason, it's sadly common for certain creatures to get lost in the shuffle for way longer than others and experience some false starts along the way. And while this is sometimes due to a physical problem that a poor pup can't help, it's also possible that there is no explanation for why that's happening besides bad luck.

In any case, the chance to finally give these animals a home they deserve can inspire shelters and their partners to get creative and attract interest with some great ideas. But in the case of one English dog, it seems like that one big idea is still around the corner.

For over 200 days, a five-year-old mutt named Luke has been staying at a shelter in Kent, England run by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

dog stares at camera in grassy field
Battersea | Dogs and Cats Home

According to People, the main reason it's been so hard to find Luke a home is his shyness.

He becomes scared when faced with new situations, which is why he's had a hard time connecting with potential adopters thus far.

He's particularly timid around other dogs, so the right home would take him in as their only dog and the right adopter would be ready to build his confidence.

But as Michelle Bevan of the Brands Hatch chapter of the animal rescue organization explained, it would be a mistake to confuse his shyness for aloofness.

dog wearing free kisses bandana stands on couch
twitter | @cindymclennan, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

In her words, "Despite being a large dog, Luke is really just a big softie and enjoys nothing more than to cuddle up by a radiator with his favorite people and a cuddly toy."

For this reason, shelter staff got the idea of hosting a big Valentine's Day adoption party so he could open up to new people.

Unfortunately, this would turn out to be impossible for Luke as nobody ended up arriving.

dog in free kisses bandana stands in front of Valentine's decorations
twitter | @Mary_Cathryn610, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

As Bevan said, "Thankfully, Battersea staff were on hand to show Luke plenty of love and affection instead."

But of course, that still leaves both Luke and the shelter unsure when someone will reach out to give him a quiet home with the right kind of diet to help his skin and ear issues.

As Bevan put it, "We're really hoping that someone will love him for the big lapdog that he truly is and give him the chance to be loved as he deserves."

h/t: People