About Half Of Pet Owners Love Their Animal More Than Their Partner

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Those who have pets at home, they know that their pets are like an extra family member. For those who do not have children of their own, their pets are literally the children that they focus on the most. They spend the most time with them after they get home from work, snuggle with them at night, and they feed them with delicious treats and snacks that may cost more than their own dinner.

But, we love our pets, so we'll do the absolute most for them.

Pet owners are a different breed of humans.

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Pet owners, compared to non-pet owners, are a totally different breed of humans. We revolve our lives around our pets. We can't live without them. They rule our lives, they make us happy, they even get us up and out of the house for walks and exercising.

Sometimes, the love we have for our pets is more than the love we have for anyone else.

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While we love our pets and we worship the little paws they walk on, sometimes, that love and affection can interfere with the love and affection we have for our own significant others. And, if you don't believe that to be true—think again.

A new study released showcases that nearly all pet owners prefer their pets over their own partners.

The study, released by Webbox and Webbox Naturals, showcased some pretty surprising numbers.

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Webbox and Webbox Naturals is a healthy and ethical pet food producer that commissioned the survey posted and shared with 2,000 dog and cat owners. The data collected was a bit surprising for some, but not so surprising for others.

When it comes to snuggling, some prefer their pets.

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1/4 of the 2,000 pet owners surveyed relayed that they would much rather snuggle on the couch with their cat or their dog than they would their own partner. Netflix and chill is honestly much better when you're snuggling with your dog than if you have to deal with your partner nagging you.

There were several reasons for their preference.

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Some people relayed that they would rather be with their pets because, well, their pets can't talk back.

The nagging, silly questions can become a lot for some people. And, in addition, they don't interrupt our TV shows—that is, unless they want pets.

Others shared that their pets are "good for their mental wellbeing."

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Many other pet owners shared that being with their pets and spending time with their furry friends can be good for their overall mental and emotional health. Dogs and cats can be very therapeutic for pet owners, especially in situations of high stress and anxiety.

Overall, pet owners do spend more time with their pets than others in their families.

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The survey conducted also found that over 1/3 of the 2,000 cat and dog owners surveyed admit that they kiss and hug their pets more than their partner—and, they also buy them way more gifts and treats. Why spend your money on your partner when you can spend it on your dog?

They also have way more photos of their pets on their phones.

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People admitted they have far more photos of their pets on their phone than their spouse or partner, and in addition, 23% of people surveyed talk about their cat and dog more than they do their own partner. And, they even look forward to seeing their pet more than their partner, too.

Many even celebrate their pet's birthdays.


“It goes without saying for most cat and dog owners their fur babies are another member of the family – so why not get them involved for special occasions," said pet expert, Julie Butcher, an employee at Webbox and Webbox Naturals.

So, while we do love our partners, we love our pets more.

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Sure, we do love our partners. We appreciate them and we're with them for a reason. But, at the end of the day, if we had to choose between our significant other and our dog/cat, we would be packing the boxes of our partners to move out so we can snuggle on the couch with our furry friends.