Man Gifts Free Bike To Someone Who Wanted To Teach Their Foster Son How To Ride

Lex Gabrielle
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Sometimes in life, there are moments where kindness goes a very long way. When people are good individuals, they deserve some acts of kindness and compassion, because we never truly know what other people are going through in their own, day-to-day lives.

When you do a kind act, it can go a long way and make someone else's life that much better. They can then pay it forward to someone else and make a kind act to someone else.

Small acts of generosity can change someone's life.

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While you may not realize it, small acts of generosity can go a very long way in life. You may not realize or think of it, but when you are kind to someone else, it can change their entire day.

From there, they may have new, restored faith in the world and want to do something kind for someone else. Or, they may just feel better overall.

Sometimes, all it takes is that one thing.

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You, personally, may find it to be a small thing, but to someone else, it can be a huge difference in their life.

That one small gesture can be the change that they need or the hope that they have been looking for in society.

Recently, one person posted a feel-good story online that restored our own faith in humanity.

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Posting on the website sunnyskyz, the user "Karen" shared a story that she showcased there are some things in life that are worth more than money.

The small things that we can do, to choose between making a quick dollar or making someone else's day, can be an easy decision for some.

"Karen" said she wanted to share the story because of her husband.

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The woman said she wanted to share the story really because of her husband because he is "the best husband in the world."

The decision that he made, of course, was one that was a no-brainer for him. But, not everyone would make the same decision for someone else.

The couple had placed a foldable bike on Facebook Marketplace for sale.

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The two were selling a foldable bike on Facebook Marketplace, now that they had no use for it. A person online reached out and said that they wanted to buy it so that they can use it, not for himself though. Instead, the buyer wanted to use it to "teach his adult foster son how to ride a bike."

Clearly, that's the sweetest thing we have ever heard.

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Wanting to buy a bike to teach your adult foster son to ride a bike is clearly an adorable and sweet gesture.

So, Karen's husband wanted to give him the bike for free, instead of having him pay for the bike at all. He brought the suggestion up to his wife, who totally agreed.

For the couple, it was that "no-brainer" moment.

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The couple knew it was a "no-brainer" moment that they did not need the money, but instead wanted to help make this foster father's life much easier and also help him out.

The kind gesture that he wanted to help his adult foster son was touching to the couple, so they paid it forward.

The foster father was so thankful.

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When the couple replied to the buyer, he was "so thankful," he would not stop saying thank you for the couple's kindness.

Not everyone would be so quick to give things away, like a bike, for free when they are originally looking to sell it for profit.

And, he even got them a small gift.

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The foster father said that he would come to get the bike himself, but the husband decided to deliver it himself instead.

And, when he got there to drop off the bike for the family, the foster father left something for the couple, too. He had left a nice box of chocolate in the letterbox for them.

See, kindness can go a very long way.

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The couple said that the kindness and feeling they had gotten from helping this man out was "worth more to them than any money" they would have gotten from selling the bike.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of kindness to make someone else's day complete.