People Praise Couple's Tips For Planning A Sensory-Friendly Wedding

Danielle Broadway
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While there are some that believe there's a definitive "right way" to get married, every couple ultimately finds their own path. Some people aim for a traditional wedding while others strive to break convention. Either way, they do what's best for them. This was certainly true for TikTok user Ramona "Mona" Jones, who has autism, and her partner Aaron, who has ADHD. They decided to have their perfect wedding, even if some guests didn't get it.

While Mona typically posts Cottagecore and English countryside videos to TikTok, she decided to dish out all of the steps she and her husband took to plan a sensory-friendly wedding day.

They had to make the vibe just right

From the color scheme to the cake flavor, there are countless details that go into planning a wedding. Mona had even more considerations to make when it came to planning a wedding with Aaron that would feel safe for both of them, which meant finding a quiet location.

People with autism often experience Hyperacusis, which means they have increased sensitivity to sound. So, a peaceful, controlled environment with earbuds was a must for their wedding.

They kept their eyes on the prize wedding

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For Mona and Aaron, it was important not to have the pressure of tradition social cues and expectations to distract from their dazzling day. In turn, they made a game plan, which included Mona deciding to sit at the end of the table to avoid being overwhelmed by eye contact with others. Plus, this gave her more time to enjoy the moment with her soon-to-be hubby.

Of course, they made sure guests knew the drill

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While it took adjusting for supportive attendees, including their photographer, Mona and Aaron respected their personal wedding needs by limiting the guest list to only sixteen people and ensuring that the show was over around 4 P.M. The best part being, they changed into snuggly clothes afterwards. We're pretty sure that should be on every wedding to-do list.

Did we mention there was a buffet?

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In our experience, there are few things that can go wrong when there's a buffet involved, and Mona and Aaron's wedding is no exception. Their buffet-style feast enabled Mona to have a diversity of food options that were familiar, which relieved any anxiety with selection. They also had games like ring toss and Jenga to create designated time for socializing that wasn't centered around them.

They planned a peaceful stroll after the wedding

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For many, a wedding can be one occasion to get all riled up. The anxiety and expectation can take a toll, especially for those that need more breaks. Mona and Aaron allowed themselves to take breaks when needed during their ceremony and even went for a "calming walk" afterward.

Mona wanted to connect with other neurodivergent people

When it comes to fulfilling dreams, people deemed "different," or in some cases, "less-than" sometimes don't feel they have a chance. Mona made her TikTok video to show other neurodivergent people that their dreams are not only possible, but also that they can do things their own way. Her video was liked by 2.9-million people and received comments like this one from TikTok user Chelsea, "Wait this is so helpful! I’m getting married & my daughter is 3-years-old & ASD! I’ve been on edge as to how to help her be a part of it!!," which received 14.5-thousand likes.

This dream team couple planned things together

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While some weddings include a bridezilla or an overbearing mother-in-law (or anyone-in-law), Mona and Aaron made sure that their special day was made for and by them. They set rules that would uplift and protect each other from any obstacles, which sounds like the makings for a happy marriage in our book.

Mona's message was exactly what some viewers needed

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While many experience similar obstacles to Mona and her husband, they may have trouble navigating them, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships. By speaking her truth, and sharing one stunning wedding in the process, she allows others to do the same.

And they lived happily ever after

It's impossible to ignore just how exceptionally breathtaking their wedding turned out. Mona showed people that a wedding with some rules is still beautiful, in fact, some guests preferred her set-up compared to traditional weddings.

She never expected it to go viral

Mona hoped to get around a thousand views and possibly make a couple of friends who also have autism when she posted her wedding video to her TikTok page. However, when the video quickly went viral, she was shocked. As an adult recently diagnosed with autism, it was new territory for her. Her leap of faith to have a non-traditional wedding and connect with fellow neurodiverse TikTok users make her one superstar influencer.