20 Crappy Designs That Are Making Us Question Everything.

Ashley Hunte
A bike lane with an obstacle in front of it.
Reddit | genghiz-kant

Some designs are so good, the only thing you can think of is how people came up with them. But on the flip side, that can be all you're thinking of when it comes to bad designs, too.

I don't know about you, but these crappy designs are making me question, well, pretty much everything at this point.

Only you live once.

A stack of boxes, each one smaller than the one underneath it. The boxes from top to bottom read, "only you live once."
Reddit | tarsoo

We all know what this was supposed to say. And yet, they somehow still managed to mess it up. And it's not like you can just switch the top two boxes around; there's a size order.

"What a deal!"

A display for packs of electrical tape, priced $9.48. Part of the display says the old price was $7.98.
Reddit | mcerk02

It looks like there was another price underneath that price sticker that they wanted to cover up. But, like, they couldn't have blacked out that old price with marker or something?

"So how much wine? A cup would be understanding. But what if it’s less than a cup and what about temp???"

A page from a cookbook/binder. Because of the text and hole placements, some instructions, including proportions and oven temperature, are cut off.
Reddit | rabbitfuzzle

There's this really neat function in word processing programs like Microsoft Office and stuff. It lets you adjust margins. I dunno if the person who formatted this cookbook knew about it, though.

"Free Your Wind."

A black tee shirt with blue butterflies. White text is supposed to read "free your mind," but the M is replaced with a butterfly.
Reddit | turbopanguy

I know it's supposed to say "free your mind." I know that. But that butterfly looks nothing like the letter M. A W, maybe. But an M? Not a chance.

This is just a fart joke waiting to happen.

"All this packaging for just three stacks of thin chocolate?"

Three pieces of chocolate in a black plastic container, which came from a foil package, which came out of a box.
Reddit | Alizardloaf

I feel like most food packaging could get rid of, like, one component, and it would be just fine. And less wasteful. And probably less time and effort to produce. Like, you literally can't go wrong.

"This is how the house is drawn, the path is supposed to be this unsymmetrical, tried to convince them but no one can change this."

A house with a strange, asymmetrical path made of stone slabs.
Reddit | BizzNeuf

I don't like this one bit. The path just looks weird. Maybe it'll look better once there's grass and landscaping and stuff back there? Like, a tiny bit better?

"Yellow lemon on a yellow can..."

A red can and a blue can of lemonade. The red can has grapes coming out of a light fixture, while the yellow can has a lemon, which blends into its background.
Reddit | Kukulkan73

Yeah, they definitely didn't think that through very much. I'm sure it would've been a nice design. You know, if they did something to keep the lemon from blending into the background.

"Bank updated its website, this is how all confirmations print off now."

A printed page with a large black rectangle taking up most of the space. Inside the rectangle, a much smaller box with censored text sits.
Reddit | Appleormagpie

This is the most frustrating thing I've ever seen. Did this website forget that print-friendly pages exist? Because they do.

Just because most people these days don't even own a printer doesn't mean they have to do this.

"The cream I bought's box has more air than a lays bag, and the cream itself wasn’t full either."

An orange, opened box with a smaller square along one corner, containing an orange container of moisturiser.
Reddit | wholesomeshy

I absolutely hate it when skincare does this. I swear, I go to buy a box from Sephora or something, and end up with this unnecessarily large box every time!

"Exterior bathroom lock, I can only imagine the bathroom was previously used to harbour a hostile animal."

A door to a restroom (with a label on it that says restroom) that has a suspicious lock on it.
Reddit | 6packcola

Something about this entire door situation is weirding me out. I don't know about you, but public bathrooms that look super uninviting are just plain creepy to me. I'd rather hold it in until the next stop.

"𝓑𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓽𝓸𝓷 cAfé & restAurAnt."

A sign for a restaurant that reads, "Bariton cAfe & restAurAnt," with all the letter A's in cafe and restaurant capitalized.
Reddit | LeWu_DYSEwnta

I just... want to know... what the point of capitalizing all the As was. Like, other than being super annoying. Maybe it's to stand out, so people will want to go there?

"Recycling and garbage going into the same bag.

A duo recycling and garbage bin. From the angle of the picture, it's clear that both chutes lead to the same bag.
Reddit | KyleC83

Sadly, this is actually pretty common. A lot of places have garbage and recycling that goes to the same place. It's honestly so rude, and makes me feel cheated.

"This soda dispenser is probably the most counter intuitive I've seen."

A soda dispenser for ice, water, 7-Up, and Diet Coke, with touchless sensors.
Reddit | Lootdit

It advertises being touchless, but I can guarantee people are going to be touching that spot regardless. Why not just use the ones where you have to push the cup?

The more you look, the worse it gets.

An Amazon product page for family pyjamas. Each person in the product photo (a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, and a toddler) have badly photoshopped faces.
Reddit | magicwolfdog

There are plenty of super badly photoshopped pictures in Amazon product pages, but this one is just plain funny. Why do their faces look like that? I'm literally dying over here.

"Can you feel the leov tonight?"

A sign in a store. The sign is meant to read "LOVE," but each letter in the word is used as a cardinal direction with two arrows in between them diagonally.
Reddit | Gianni_Crow

I don't know how, but I read this as "ELVO." I don't know what an elvo is, and I don't think I want to know. What I do know, though, is that they really messed this up.

"Netflix intentionally blurring the 'HD' image to make it look much worse than UHD… all to charge an extra $6/month (in addition to their recent price hikes)."

Two side-by-side images of Stranger Things on Netflix, showing the difference between HD and UHD
Reddit | diverareyouok

Yeah, this is pretty bad. Especially since HD doesn't look nearly as blurry as they're trying to make it seem. But when a business wants your money, they'll do all sorts of things, I guess.

"This banner won’t go away until you agree to share your data."

A screenshot from a mobile app, which contains a banner that won't go away unless the user updates permissions.
Reddit | IMightBeAHamster

I hate it when apps do stuff like this. Just put a banner of ads on the bottom. That would be way easier than trying to get people to agree to tracking and sharing their data.

"Instagram limiting the number of accounts I can UNFOLLOW."

A screenshot of Instagram mobile with a try again later popup on it. The popup says it limits certain things to protect their community.
Reddit | MyrnaMinkoff1

I guess this is to keep people from spamming (maybe to stop people from following and unfollowing the same account over and over again really quickly)? But still, it really sucks and feels counterintuitive.

"Why did they put make up on the cat?"

An Amazon product page for a pet carrier. In the product photo, a cat sits in the carrier, with badly photoshopped makeup on its face.
Reddit | Angel31798

I honestly have no clue what's going on here. Just when I thought bad Amazon photoshopping couldn't get any worse, they went and outdid themselves.

I'm so uncomfortable right now.

"Somehow, I don't believe the arrow."

A sidewalk with a designated bike lane and arrow pointing out the direction of traffic. A magazine stand sits in the middle of the lane, not in use.
Reddit | genghiz-kant

Maybe when you're planning bike lanes, you should check for any obstacles that might be there. Just a thought.