15 Women Share What People Truly Have To Experience To Understand

Lex Gabrielle
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Many things in life can gain sympathy from other people, but they truly don't understand the situation and the feelings because they, themselves, have not gone through it.

There are quite a few things in life you have to actually endure and deal with in order to completely get it. While many want to extend help, it's hard to help if you have not exactly walked in the other person's shoes.

Sometimes, women in life go through some experiences that just no one can truly get or understand.


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Some people on Reddit said unless you have gone through poverty and money problems, it's hard to fully grasp it. BitterPillPusher2 chimed in and said that growing up through poverty, it's hard to see the struggles that people face with money and even food, unless you, yourself have seen it firsthand.


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"I had a massive increase in respect for mothers after going through childbirth. It's a crazy experience. You can't give up, even though you don't feel like you can take any more, you just gotta knuckle down and get it done," said wicked_lazy.


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Many Reddit users said unless you have gone through depression, you don't realize how draining and exhausting it can be. Many use "depressed" as a loose term when they feel sad, but chronic depression is something that is an entirely different beast to tackle.

Systemic racism or being marginalized.

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LongWaysForResults shared that unless you are from a culture that is systemically oppressed or marginalized, it's hard to fathom that you can be treated so poorly and differently than others. Many times it's endless arguing for people to see the "light," but many can't, because they haven't ever experienced it once.

Panic attacks.

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TheRecklessOne said that when they started to experience "major panic attacks," they realized how terrifying and horrendous they are. Not only are the attacks themselves scary, but the "aftermath" leaves you drained and totally incapable of doing anything.

Having a miscarriage.

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dindia91 brought up the pain and loss of having a miscarriage. Many women apologize and offer sympathy and even empathy, but you can't fathom the feeling of loss that comes with it unless you have experienced losing a child before they are born.

Sexual assault and rape.

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FrostedKernFlakes shares that many do not realize the immense toll that sexual assault takes on you and that therapy doesn't always help. She claims she has "divided her life" into parts: "before the assault" and "after the assault," and the two lives are so immensely different.

Having a health disorder.

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"Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as a toddler. Eight years of chemotherapy, fifteen years of immunotherapy, three rounds of cardiac arrest, a year of paralysis, and numerous surgeries... all before the age of 18," shared warda8825.

Being a parent.

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aithne1 shared that being a parent is a unique and completely special feeling, the amount of love that you have for your kids is undying and unlike anything else. One person shared having kids is like "taking your heart out and letting it walk around in someone else's body."

Getting cheated on.

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unfudgable confessed that a thing no one quite understands is being cheated on. Not only is it painful, but it gives you immense trust issues and you find it hard to think that people won't do you dirty again, down the road sometime, too.


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"UTIs are the absolute worst. I was not prepared for how painful they are! No idea why they aren't discussed more considering the pain is immense and most women will have at least one in their life time," shared OverallDisaster.


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lifeisabutterknife said many judge homeless individuals and consider them lazy, but many do not realize that homelessness is often not a choice. And, it's hard to know where you are going to get shelter or sleep, or even the next meal you need to eat. And, trying to find a job is near impossible when you do not have an address to put down.


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Some people get headaches from time to time, but few get intense migraines.

mangopepperjelly said that migraines, especially the ones they get, make regular headaches look like a walk on the beach. When you finally get a migraine, you get how painful and torturous it can be.

Losing a loved one.

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"Unless you have been through it, you just don’t know, especially if they die in a traumatic way. I work with people who still have both their parents, all their siblings, all their children, and the younger ones also have all their grandparents. Nobody has had any close family members or friends die, and it’s easy to see that they just don’t get it," said Princess-78.