Couple Gets Married After Their Exes Dumped Them On The Same Day

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There are some moments in life where we are at the right place at the right time and all of the stars in the universe cross and align. When this happens, we feel like things may be "too good to be true," but, there are moments in life where things just work in our favor.

Sometimes, we're looking for Mr. Right, or Mrs. Right, and we find them in a place we would least expect, but also the exact place we were meant to be.

When we get heartbroken, the last thing we think of is looking for someone new.

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When you get heartbroken, the last thing on your mind is who you are going to move on to next. We usually are total messes, stuck home with a pint of ice cream on the couch. Many of us are stuck in a replaying of memories in our minds looking for what went wrong.

However, they say we find love when we least expect it.

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There's an old saying that goes: "you find love in the most unexpected places." Sometimes, when we are not looking for anything, we find exactly what we are looking for.

And, we never see it coming, but it surprises us and completely knocks us off of our feet.

Tyler Tipps and Brittany Wright met while at a work conference in Seattle.

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The two were having marital troubles back at home but "gravitated towards each other's energies," said Wright. She told Inside Edition, "We were both married and both in bad marriages and confided in each other because we both understood.”

They left the conference thinking they would "work things out with their spouses."

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However, when Tipps returned home, he realized his wife had "packed up and left." He called Wright and told her what had happened.

“A couple hours later Tyler called and said, ‘My wife’s gone, she packed up all her stuff and left,’” Wright said.

On the other hand, Wright had received a text from her own husband, as well.

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Wright had been going back and forth via text with her own husband, and eventually, he muttered those four words: "I want a divorce." Wright had told Tipps she would be "packing up and leaving" when she got back from Seattle, as well.

Going through the same process, the two created a bond and a friendship.

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Getting divorced from your spouse can be messy and complicated and can make you feel incredibly isolated and alone. But, having someone in your corner who is going through the same thing can make you feel supported and even connected.

Both parties finalized their divorce at the very same time. And, then the unexpected came.

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Tipps decided he wanted to get remarried—to Wright. And, to make it even more "fate-like," Tipps had a promotional job transfer to the same city where Wright lives. The two said it had to be fate, as they were going to do "long-distance" for the time being.

Although hesitant, they knew it was meant to be.

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“I was like this has to be a sign from God because we weren’t really talking about moving. We were just going to be engaged and do long distances for a while. This is something that just has to be meant to be,” Wright said. 

The two were wed a few months after their divorces were finalized.

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After finalizing their respective divorces in January 2018, the two were married in September 2018. And, despite moving so fast, the two feel as though it was totally meant to be and that they were in the "right place" at the "right time."

The two knew from the start, they were "the one."

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"When I met Tyler I remember coming back from the weekend and telling my coworker that I met that man that I always going to marry.

For us it was timing, it was definitely not our plan. It was all good changes, but it really threw us for a loop because our whole entire world changed. It all changed for the better. We’re happily married," Wright said.

A match made in fate.