20 Hilarious Tweets About Parenting That Are Just Too Relatable

Ashley Hunte
A mom with two small children, one of which is holding a tablet on a couch.
Unsplash | Alexander Dummer

Being a parent is a full time job. You basically spend all the moments you aren't working (and some of the moments where you are) taking care of these tiny humans that can't take care of themselves (yet).

One thing I've learned about parenting thanks to the internet is that a lot of parents have some pretty similar, relatable experiences. And these Tweets share just a few of them.

This kid who's got the right idea.

Whoever said kids don't know anything have clearly never spoken to a kid before. This one has some pretty deep thoughts. Even the mom is impressed.

So much for gratitude.

I guess this is part of the kid's bedtime ritual. Like, she needs her mom to sing so that she can talk. I'm sure every parent will agree kids are just weird (and slightly mean) like that.

After a certain point, they get too savvy.

Trying to get your kid to take medicine or vitamins can be quite the challenge. But on the plus side, this kid might have a promising career doing the exact same thing a German Shepard can do.

Yes, bat cheese!

The fact that the kid ends the exchange by saying bat cheese again, but annoyed, really makes it. You just know that the dad is at the end of his rope here.

Whew, false alarm.

I mean, he's still gonna have to deal with that daughter's aggression. But at least it isn't channeled toward her parents. Small victories.

So many unrealistic expectations.

I love the fact that kids will... just do stuff like this. As if it's the most normal thing in the world to do, no questions asked. It takes a few years before they realize how annoyed their parents used to get.

There are no stupid questions, but...

Okay, there's exactly one stupid question, and it's this one. Poor kid probably didn't even realize what he said until much later. Like, yeah dude, grandparents do, in fact, have at least one kid.

This is both a new low, and an incredibly 2022 sentence.

I feel bad for this mom because this is honestly one of the worst things someone could do to you in the year 2022. How dare you threaten to ruin Wordle!

I feel that.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd quit on the spot, too. Not that it's the parents' fault (or the kids' really). But that many children at one table is not worth the amount of tips you'd get.

It's because they write so slowly.

And you know, you have to think of the right thing to say to each classmate. It's not as easy as you'd think.

Even if it means causing your parents a slow, painful death by boredom.

Not long.

In my experience, teens are kind of mean. If they start sucking up to you, it's because they want money, a ride, permission to go to a party, etc., etc. They also do this to siblings, and it doesn't stop once they reach adulthood.

When you finally get a break from your kids.

Being a parent makes your life exciting in a different way than it is when you're childless. One Friday, you're partying until dawn. Then next thing you know, drinking chocolate milk feels more like letting loose.

They can just be so picky.

I wasn't a picky eater as a kid, but I knew someone who only ate pasta with butter and chicken nuggets. I feel bad for parents who have to deal with that, even when it's something as small as cutting the toast the wrong way.

You always want to have high hopes for your kids.

But sometimes they don't deliver. But don't worry! Even if your kid is super bad at basketball, she'll probably be really good at something else. Probably not sport-related.

Romance is dead once you have kids.

I feel like it's really hard to have romantic moments with your partner once your kids are old enough to pay attention to that kind of stuff. Either that, or you learn to ignore them with time.

It's his bed, now.

That sentence started out really adorable, and then ended in a super typical parenting experience. They always need you, until they don't.

They just need to learn how to walk faster!

We can't blame kids for having such short little legs. We can, however, blame them for not waking up on time and then dragging their feet when it's time to go to school.

You are the most important person in your child's life.

I don't know if I'd ever want to be this important, though. But I'm sure the kid'll grow out of that someday. If not... she's in for one strange childhood.

When the grandkids are more important than you.

I swear, every parent is just waiting for the day they get to become a grandparent. And their kids become parents, who just wait to become grandparents. And it just goes on and on and on...

It's pretty sound logic, too.

I mean, not really. But I'm sure he's convince himself that his idea is perfect. He probably won't even notice when that pair "magically" disappears, or gets fixed or replaced.