20 Pics So Wholesome They're Bringing Summer Sunshine Feels Into The Depths Of Winter

Ashley Hunte
A man in a kitchen sitting behind an island counter completely filled with toys.
Reddit | plantsandbugs

There are a lot of sad, depressing things in this world. Darkness, loneliness, isolation, the cold, being stuck in your house for days on end, being too afraid to walk outside in case you slip on ice and get a concussion... Basically, winter.

But man, there are still so many things to celebrate in this world! Being with loved ones, looking at cute animals, seeing others conquer fears... basically, the heartwarming, wholesome stuff in this list.

"We don't deserve cats."

Cat yelling, then cat smiling. Caption: "He yelled at me until we adopted him"
Reddit | prince_edema

We honestly don't deserve cats. They tend to really know what they want, whether it's a human companion, or some alone time. There's something about a cat choosing your company that makes you feel so special.

"I'm out sick with a cold from hell, and my amazing neighbour just randomly dropped off these waffles on my doorstep!"

A plate full of waffles topped with banana slices and chocolate covered strawberries.
Reddit | CoffeeBeanx3

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have really good neighbors. I personally can't think of a single person who lives reasonably close to me who would do this. But I'm glad it happened, because it's so wholesome!

"My fiancé and I got each other the same card for Valentine’s Day."

Two nearly identical Valentine's cards that read "I choo choo choose you," designed like the one from The Simpsons. The one on the left is smaller than the one on the right.
Reddit | burymeindogs

Well, great minds do think alike, it seems. After all, who wouldn't love to get this particular card (from that one episode of the Simpsons)?

"8 years ago I horribly photoshopped our family on the side of a mug to make my wife laugh after a hard week she was having."

A stack of 8 mugs, each one having different images of a couple's faces photoshopped onto different bodies and scenes.
Reddit | Timfrostyo

"It happened to be delivered on Valentine’s Day, so we turned it into a yearly tradition. The collection so far."

I can only imagine that this mug collection is going to get too big to keep in one kitchen. Because I can't imagine a marriage that has this much love ever falling apart.

"Coworker showed up to work today to distribute his wife's homemade valentines cake pops."

A person in a teddy bear costume sitting across from an office countr, holding a box.
Reddit | iThInKiKnOw_

I'm not gonna lie... this costume is a little creepy. But this dude's heart was in the right place. And since we're currently in the season of love, you can't really fault him.

"I felled my first tree with an ax today, even though it's a small one I feel invincible."

A person posing outdoors with an ax. In front of them, a skinny tree trunk lays on the ground.
Reddit | Friedberger_in

Hey, you have to start somewhere. I also really appreciate the fact that the tree is making OP look like some kind of woodcutting giant right now.

"My uncle’s birthday was the other day, and his co-workers made him the best card/valentine EVER."

A sign for the 65th birthday of a man named Patrick. As the sign incorporates different candy packages, it reads, "Happy birthday Patrick. Turning 65!! Is nothing to Snickers about. Your joints may Crunch and your memory might be no Bueno. You drop everything because you have Butterfingers and your mind plays Twix. We wouldn't trade you for $4 100 Grand because we have Mounds of fun with you! You deserve some Extra care. After all you are more Bueno than Skittles.
Reddit | mike_drop11

It's a card and a chocolate- and candy-filled gift. And both of those things are just amazing.

I think the best part about this is how they used Bueno twice.

"Where are they going?"

A golden retriever dog standing behind a fence on a snowy ground in front of a brick wall. Two cats sit on top of the dog.
Reddit | Vegetable-Ad-9389

My bet is that they're going on an adventure. Either that, or the dog is just trying to get home, and those two cats are hitching a ride. The only thing I know for sure is that this picture is super adorable!

This restaurant's sign for the Super Bowl.

A sign at the top of an outdoor restaurant patio that reads, "I just hope both teams have fun."
Reddit | Cranialscrewtop

You know, I'm not a big football fan. But even I know that those athletes treat the sport as a job more than a fun activity (and when they make the kind of money they do, who can blame 'em?). I seriously wonder if any of the players actually had fun during the Super Bowl.

"Just wanted to share a picture of my dog trying to use her cuteness to get food."

A small Jack Russel terrier standing on the ground, looking up at her owner.
Reddit | Inevitable_Ad5972

Some people think that dogs are kind of dumb. But I know the truth. Dogs are plenty smart, and you can always tell by how much they use their cuteness to manipulate you into giving them extra treats.

"'Happily ever after' isn’t just a one-time thing. We’re entitled to as many happily ever after’s as we need!"

A post showing a woman's hand with an engagement ring on it. A caption reads, "Life is so strange. After nearly four decades of marriage, I never expected to be single again at 70. And I certainly didn't expect to find true love at the age of 73 in the middle of a pandemic! And now this!
Reddit | theguywhosteals

It just goes to show you that life is full of surprises. There's literally never a bad time to do something, and it's never "too late" to find love, start a new career, or make changes in your life.

"I got this book at Goodwill for my animal-loving niece for Christmas, and my brother sent me this photo today."

A wilderness guide for the Pacific Northwest. Several post-its are sticking out, each with different labels.
Reddit | the_ranting_swede

"They recently moved into a forested area, and she references it so much she had to add the tabs."

This is such a nice, thoughtful gift! It also shows how the best gifts don't necessarily have to be the latest electronics or the trendiest stuff.

"My dog begging for a cow kiss."

A dog sitting on one side of a rusted fence, and multiple cows standing on the other side. One cow is attempting to lick the dog.
Reddit | mossybishhh

It's funny how, when it comes to certain animals, dogs will give chase and act like they're killing machines. And then when it comes to other animals, they just want to say hello.

"'I stack my dogs like I stack my coins.'"

At least two beige dogs sleeping on the ground, one on top of the other.
Reddit | thepensivemacaron

These dogs look super comfy. I wonder if the bigger dog minds being used as a pillow, or if it thinks of the smaller dogs as a weighted blanket or something.

"A firefighter and a paramedic resuscitated 2 cats after a fire in Belgium."

Two paramedics sitting on the ground outdoors. Each is holding an oxygen mask to a cat.
Reddit | Skoedell

I hope those poor kitties are okay! It's nice to see these paramedics taking the time to look after even the tiniest residents.

"Passed by this while walking in Philadelphia."

Three pictures showing a car with plastic on the passenger window. A note on the plastic reads, "Noticed your window was down. Hope this helps keep the rain out."
Reddit | askydaman

The person who left that car there probably didn't realize their window was rolled down. Instead of trying to steal things out of the car, a friendly stranger chose to help them out. How nice!

"Shelter was made so the birds could eat is [sic] this bad weather."

Boxes and boards used to shelter a bird feeder, with a second one on one of the boards, in snow. At least a dozen birds sit around the feeders.
reddit | keenfed

I'm sure that, with the amount of snow we've been having this winter, there are plenty of animals who have had a harder than usual time finding food. I bet these birds really appreciate the shelter!

"Adaptive Skis that attach to my friends wheelchair allow us to go for walks in the winter!"

A person posing next to a person in a wheelchair, which has skis attached to the front wheels.
Reddit | dannyoc34

Winter is bad for a lot of reasons (and good for others, of course), but one thing people forget about is the fact that snow and ice make it so hard for people with mobility issues to get around. Something like this is so cool, but more importantly, so helpful.

We all know who's really running the show.

A screenshot of a Tweet, showing an online lecture in which the teacher is holding a cat in one arm, and writing on a smartboard in the other. A caption reads, "My teacher has to teach with his cat on his lap because otherwise it won't stop meowing."
Reddit | abbawaddadu

The teacher may be teaching, but the cat is undoubtedly stealing everyone's hearts. I honestly don't think I could concentrate in that class.

"Every year on my birthday my dad lays out my childhood toys 'The Guys' and it makes him so excited."

A man in a kitchen, sitting behind an island counter completely full of different toys collected over the years. A sign hanging from the counter reads, "Happy birthday 'the guys.'"
Reddit | plantsandbugs

This feels like a huge birthday party or something. When you think about it, the toys you used to play with as a kid were kind of like your friends, so this dad has the right idea.

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