TikTok User Sparks Debate By Sitting Right Next To Lone Theatergoer

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A lone person sitting in a movie theater.
Unsplash | Karen Zhao

Some years ago, it became part of the movie-going experience to select your seats upon purchasing tickets rather than in the theater. This helped make sure seats were allocated evenly and people knew what they were getting themselves into if a theater was rather busy.

That doesn't mean it's without its faults, though, as shown perfectly in a widespread TikTok that drew a lot of ire.

As theaters start to open once again, many people are rushing to catch movies on the big screen.

A busy movie theater
Unsplash | Krists Luhaers

Some still aren't too keen on going to crowded places though, so they might choose a less popular showing to ensure an empty theater.

That's what one moviegoer did in a TikTok that's now gone viral.

But the TikTok isn't from their perspective.

Someone selecting a seat at a movie theater, showing the theater empty save for one seat.
TikTok | @airlk

It's from the perspective of the uploader, @airlk, who was purchasing a ticket to see Spider-Man: No Way Home when he saw an opportunity arise.

When picking his seat, Airlk noticed there was only one other person who'd purchased a ticket before him, and they chose a seat at the very end of one of the back aisles.

So Airlk thought hey, why not join them?

The same person selecting the seat directly next to the only taken one.
TikTok | @airlk

The TikTok shows him selecting the seat next to the stranger as the on-screen text reads, "This person's watching Spider-Man alone in a corner. I think they need a friend."

This all happens while 'this is what falling in love feels like' by JVKE plays in the background. The video currently has over 1.5 million views.

People had very strong opinions about what Airlk did.

A lone person sitting in a movie theater.
Unsplash | Karen Zhao

The comments were alight with people who found the act appalling.

"I would be so upset if I'm trying to enjoy a movie alone and this happened to me," wrote one user.

Another made the comparison that, "[This] is like standing next to some guy at the urinals while the other stalls are free."

Airlk most definitely learned his lesson from the backlash he got.

Most said they would just get up and move were that to happen to them, citing reasons like social anxiety and introversion.

One user even shared a tip we could all take advantage of if you're a solo moviegoer, saying, "I book my seat last minute so that people can't do this."

h/t: Daily Dot