FYI: Kelly Ripa 'Didn't Ask' For People To Give Their Opinions On Her Hair

Sarah Kester
Kelly Ripa
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If you want to get on Kelly Ripa's bad side, mention her hair.

The Live With Kelly and Ryan talk show host has had many gripes with it over the past several years.

The latest issue took place during a taping of her show. She admitted that people will often offer unsolicited advice about her hairstyle choices.

And in typical Kelly style, she is not having it.

Kelly Ripa's hair has been a sore spot lately.

Kelly Ripa
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It all started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when, like millions of other women, she was unable to visit her hairstylist for her usual root touch-up.

This caused her to do the impossible and embrace her greys.

She even kept fans entertained with her "root watch" on Instagram!

kelly ripa
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"#rootwatch week 8," she shared on Instagram in 2020. Just goes to show that when life gives you lemons, embrace the grey!

But once Cher announced her plans for never letting her hair go grey in January 2022, she changed her tune.

“During the early days of the pandemic, I had embraced my grey hair privately," Ripa said on an episode of 'Live with Kelly and Ryan.'

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"While publicly I was using brown eyeshadow to paint my roots some shade that wasn’t Santa Clause white,” Ripa told co-host Ryan Seacrest.

“But in real life, I go, ‘Oh, I look great with grey hair, you can barely tell,'” she joked while shaking her head "no."

In the end, she proclaimed that she was sticking with her blonde roots and even encouraged other women to do so.

"I think certain people look great with their gray hair," Ripa continued. "I think it depends on the person. I really do."

The talk about her hair didn't end there.

Ryan Seacrest
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It all started on a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan when Ryan Seacrest shared that he had grown out his hair for a special pre-taped Oscars performance.

When he mentioned his plans of cutting the hair after the taping, the audience let him know how they feel by letting out a big "aww."

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“We’ll survive, it’ll be fine,” Seacrest responded.

This prompted Kelly to share that people will often offer their unsolicited advice about her own hairstyle choices.

“People weigh in on my hair in a way, it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you,'” she began.

Kelly Ripa
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“I thought you meant at the store, like, do people come and weigh in?” Seacrest asked.

“No, people do!” Ripa replied.

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“They come up in the store and they’re like, ‘I like your hair this length,’ and I’m like, [gives the thumbs-up sign].” Seacrest encouraged her to keep doing this.

“I’m like, ‘I have no comparison for your hair, but I assume it looks pretty great every day,'" she continued.

The show's producer, Michael Gelman, even chimed in on the conversation, saying that it's their decision what they do with their hair.

Amen, Michael!

Giphy | Live Kelly and Ryan

It is their decision on what length they keep their hair, the color, and the style.

Unless Kelly specifically asks for your opinion, do her a favor and kindly butt out!