Sweet Story With A Healthcare Worker Reminds Us That It's Important To Be Kind

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In today's day and age, working in certain industries can be incredibly challenging and hard. The global pandemic that has been ongoing for the last few years has put many of us in a difficult position, where we are working grueling hours and our jobs are much harder than they have ever been.

Overall, some industries that have been pushed the most have included healthcare workers, education, and even those in law enforcement and emergency support. However, many still truck on, in order to bring in a regular income to their family and their home.

Many healthcare workers have been experiencing stressful days and patients.

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Due to the influx of patients within hospitals and doctor's offices, many healthcare workers have been extremely stressed and even burnt out.

Going through a health pandemic puts an insane amount of pressure on healthcare workers and doctors. It can be extremely trying and tiring for those who work in the field.

While we know they are going through a hard time, some people still act out of pocket with them.

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Although many people understand and know that it's a hard time to work through a pandemic in the health field, people still act a fool and act crazy with them.

Some are disrespectful and some are still impatient with them. Regardless of how we know the pandemic is hurting us all, they still continue to be the way that they are.

Many healthcare workers have been sharing how hard it is to work in their field.

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Throughout social media and friends, many people have been sharing how difficult it is to work the hours, shifts, and grueling tasks in the healthcare field. Many people are working with Covid-19 patients and cases, and they are feeling burnt.

Sometimes, we need a reminder to be kind and pay it forward.

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder to have us be kind to people and to be patient, as well. Everyone is going through something, a battle, that we don't know much about at all. Sometimes, people are having the worst day of their lives, and we would have no idea.

One sweet story reminds us all to keep an open mind with people.

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One woman named Karen shared the story online about how she attempted to "pay it forward" to ambulance drivers she had seen on a case. She said she ran to the store to get some wine and chocolates, as a gift to thank them for all of their hard work during these very stressful times.

Then, the next day, she saw an ambulance driver and ran to get the package.

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"Today an ambulance arrived and I grabbed the box and wandered around till I found them. It obviously wasn’t an urgent situation and I caught one of the ambulance drivers as he was going back to the rig for something," Karen wrote.

The ambulance driver shared how much it meant to him.

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"He looked at me and said:

'Let me tell you a story. Yesterday I wanted to quit this job then a guy bought me lunch and I thought maybe this gig isn’t so bad and now this. It means more than you know,'" the woman shared online.

Karen said everyone should "listen to their gut."

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The author of the post said that it was a good lesson to "trust your gut" and do what you feel is right. Karen wanted to give back to the ambulance drivers and people who work in emergency response, and wanting to do so was the right thing to do, based on the driver's reaction.

Karen said, " don't be afraid to do kind things."

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"...Don’t be afraid to do small things because those pressies I bought a couple of weeks ago were clearly meant for him today. So many frontline workers are so overwhelmed at the moment and the smallest gesture can mean the world," she concluded.

If anything, everyone needs to read this story.

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Everyone, at some point or another, needs to read this story. This story is moving, kind, and truly showcases that small gestures can really go a long way to change someone's day and even their life.

If you can pay it forward, do it.