20 Times Beautiful Discoveries Brightened Our Daily Lives

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Two sinks in front of a mountain-view window.
reddit | clemenslucas

Life can be a whole lot sweeter when it's filled with beautiful things. Some believe that wholeheartedly and make it a point to surround themselves with things they find inspiring, while others wait for those moments to take them by surprise.

This list is filled with tiny, beautiful things that anyone could stumble upon and have their day brightened by!

"Japan's manhole covers are beautiful."

A compilation of six images of Japanese manhole covers with interesting designs in them.
reddit | [deleted]

If more cities found subtle ways to include art in everyday objects like this, I genuinely believe the world would be a nicer place. Maybe only by a little bit, but nicer all the same!

"Can we all appreciate the beauty and symmetry of this Flapjack succulent?"

S succulent with large, rounded, symmetrical leaves
reddit | MrsLydKnuckles

We absolutely can. Everyone pause for a moment and take a good look at this succulent. Hmm. Ah, yes. Wow. Stunning. It's a great specimen, and it being called a flapjack makes it even better.

"I found a bug adorned with gold markings."

A closeup of a small moth with what looks like gold flaking all over it.
reddit | tehgerbil

Someone identified this as a Passionvine Hopper, a beautiful name for such a beautiful species of insect! Though, I'm not entirely unconvinced that it isn't a necklace pendant or a brooch of some kind.

"My wife wood burned this into a plywood floor in an attic of our house. I think it came out pretty great."

A hand-drawn image of a Ouija board etched into wood flooring.
reddit | dogzy99

If your goal was to freak out anyone who might redo those floors in the future, I'm not sure it worked, as this art is just too dang beautiful to be frightening!

"Rainbow on (behind) the horizon. Origin is behind the curve."

The top end of a rainbow visible just over the horizon.
reddit | ruleoffz

Not to mention the second, faint rainbow a little further up, too. It's like a full double rainbow that hasn't fully woken up yet so it's not as bright nor as high as it could be.

"Tigerella tomatoes that I grew from seed."

Three tomatoes on the vine.
reddit | Poosewees

The way these tomatoes look like they were painted is really pretty! Almost too pretty. Who would want to cut into one when you could just stare at them for a while instead?

"The tapestry above my bed made a pretty sweet reflection in my coffee this morning."

A cup of coffee reflecting the ceiling above it.
reddit | deathbypolkadots

This could be the future of latte art one day. It would be a pretty complicated process, but can you imagine being handed a drinkable stained glass window?

"Got this pretty crazy picture of my fire last night."

A photo of a campfire where the flames are all sorts of colors.
reddit | ImRealKanyeWest

That doesn't look like an ordinary fire, are you sure you're not a wizard who was in the middle of casting a grand spell and decided to take a quick pic to because you knew it looked cool?

"My neighbor raked the leaves in our courtyard in a beautiful and interesting way."

A lawn where the leaves are raked into a neat pattern.
reddit | pod_mo_thoin

Not only is this super cool, but it's also a great way to get out of having to rake and pick up all the leaves in that yard! Work smarter, not harder!

"Tonga ash in atmosphere creates sunray effect."

A sunset where the sun is shining in rays.
reddit | ruleoffz

While I'm sure any sort of ash in any atmosphere isn't a great thing for us humans, there's no denying that it has some pretty cool effects, too. This pic looks cinematic thanks to it!

"I noticed this very pretty drill bit at work."

An iridescent metal drillbit.
reddit | Bodudus

I'm someone who loves iridescent metal like this. Every time I go to a store that sells cutlery sets that have this rainbow iridescence to them, I have to fight with myself not to buy them.

"A beautiful selection of berries from the local farmers market yesterday."

A display table full of baskets of berries.
reddit | TSB_1

You showed up at the perfect time, capturing that perfect set up before people started picking boxes here and there, leaving infuriating gaps in a beautiful pattern. Oh well, at least they're getting berries out of it!

"The person who prepared our order has beautiful handwriting."

A white styrofoam takeout box with a beautifully written name on it.
reddit | yatink

Every day I wish that I'd trained myself to write better when I was growing up because now as an adult I'm stuck with writing that looks more like chicken scratches than actual words.

"This snow sculpture I saw today."

A snow pyramid built at the base of a tree.
reddit | oddphallicreaction

Someone involved in this project knew what they were doing, using the trunk of the tree as a center support. Even then, this must have taken ages, great job! Now to make tiny snow tourists to climb it.

"Consolidated two soaps into one container."

A half pink, half blue bottle of dish soap.
reddit | jrc4zc

Can soap companies just go ahead and pre-mix their own soaps? Every time I've seen it, be it dish soap or hand soap, it creates the coolest effects that I would gladly pay for. Sure I could mix them myself, but that means buying two soaps. I only need one.

"I found a Christian Bible hidden in the walls of a church printed in 1862."

An old, huge bible.
reddit | devicto89

What an incredible find! One that I would be far too scared to open. Who would you even contact about this? Local churches? Museums? No one so you can store it on your own shelf like an ancient tome?

"One of the better looking bathroom backdrops I've seen."

Two sinks in front of a mountain-view window.
reddit | clemenslucas

There's no wrong time to have a picture-perfect view, especially when you're surrounded by mountains! This ski hill is really making the best out of its location, as it should.

"These tulips were growing in my closet with no sunlight or water."

Tulips with long stems sprouting out of a box.
reddit | Vegetable-Cupcake522

Tulips are shockingly resilient flowers given the fact that they die extremely quickly. They fight to have their 10 seconds of fully bloomed beauty, then decide they've had enough and vanish.

"My chickens lay beautiful eggs- even blue ones."

A hand holding three eggs, one white, one brown, one blue.
reddit | corrikopat

Those are some beautiful eggs! They're big, flawless, and that blue color really is amazing. Blue eggs is also something I'd pay for were they in grocery stores, as I don't really have the space to raise my own chicken.

"This oddly round toilet at the apartment I'm staying at."

A rounded, almost egg-looking toilet in a bathroom.
reddit | kapapo13

Speaking of eggs, here's something that definitely looks like an egg. It's beautiful in the sense that it's perfectly rounded and elegant, but being so used to normal toilets, it's also putting me off a bit.