After Woman Complained That BF Isn’t Affectionate Enough, He Began To Treat Her Like A Dog

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When in relationships, there are some things that we want and need from our partners. Sometimes, these things are big, and other times, they are small. But, when we are dating someone, we want to get all of our needs met. When they're not, we have to communicate with our partners to ensure that they know we are unsatisfied. Many partners will work to fix whatever the issue is, however, not all partners are built the same.

Everyone has their own "love language."

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According to the five love languages, every individual has their own love language—how they want to be loved and which "language" they speak the most. These include physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, quality time, and receiving gifts. The way in which the person "speaks" love, is the way they want their partner to show love.

Some people crave physical touch and affection.

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For those who crave physical touch, it's not always sexual. Sometimes, people want to hold hands, cuddle, or even hug from time to time. Physical touch goes beyond just the bedroom and is more about showing affection physically on a regular, ongoing basis.

However, not all people are "very affectionate."

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Some people are not the affectionate type. They don't operate in the manner in which they want to be "lovey-dovey" all of the time and touching, rubbing, or kissing someone else.

But, when your partner has a different love language than you do, you have to try to meet them halfway so that you can make sure that they are satisfied in your relationship and do not go looking elsewhere for their needs.

One boyfriend recently shared onto Reddit that his girlfriend was feeling she needed more from him.

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One Reddit user shared that he is not the "emotional type." He doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve and he rarely gets "emotional" over much. He, however, feels like he is a good boyfriend and does what he is "supposed to do."

"She knows I don’t wear my emotions, and that generally includes her even though she knows I love her. I’m not handsy, I kiss her when appropriate, and let her know I love her when appropriate," he said.

However, his girlfriend wanted more.

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The Reddit user's girlfriend approached him and said that she needed "more" from him. She wanted more love and affection from him. So, he did a "deep dive." And, he realized, he shows his dog a ton of love and affection on a regular, reoccurring basis. So, he came up with an idea.

The Reddit user decided to treat his girlfriend the way he treats his dog.

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"I get super excited to see her like my dog does when I get home. My dog constantly wants scratches so I always rub her shoulders or play with her hair or have my hand on her thigh. I love when my dog gets kissy and playful so I get kissy and playful with my GF in the same way," he wrote.

And, guess what? She loves it.

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"My GF loves it. And it’s easy for me because I literally just treat her like my dog, but without the baby voice. It’s renewed our passion and she is so, so happy and can’t understand how I turned my emotions around so easily," he said.

Some people didn't understand this at all.

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There were a few people from the Reddit community that thought this was odd and strange, some even calling it "sociopathic" behavior. Others said that this isn't "winning" or growing in the relationship because if he can't seem to be emotionally invested in his girlfriend like he is his dog, there's a big issue at hand.

Some people, however, thought this was great.

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Some people said this was a great idea and it's wonderful that the Reddit user found a way to make his girlfriend happy in a way that works for both of them. While some may not understand it, the Reddit user is happy, so is his girlfriend, and he's not feeling "uncomfortable" by having to be more emotional than he is comfortable with.

And, then, there were those that even praised the Reddit user's girlfriend.

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Some in the comments even praised the Reddit user's girlfriend for speaking up and requesting he meet her needs. One person pointed out that "most people would silently stay unhappy" and become resentful and spiteful for not having their needs met.

Always communicate with your partner!

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