20 Times Text Messages Were Unintentionally (Or Intentionally) Hilarious As Duck

Ashley Hunte
A backlit phone on a dark background. Two hands are holding the phone, which is navigating the Twitter DM section.
Unsplash | Christian Wiediger

Some people have the strangest, funniest, and wildest text message exchanges. Some are too good to seem real (and yes, some out there are fake).

When it comes to these screenshots featured on the fun.ny texts Instagram page, they sure do live up to the account's name.

Just be nice...

Having someone randomly text you an insult is sooooo high school. But man, did the recipient ever have the perfect comeback for that bully. Maybe now they'll learn to just be nice.


I don't know what this person did, but man, that was a serious burn. I'm almost tempted to hand that poor sap a tube of Polysporin or something.

That's one way to tell someone you aren't interested.

If this person doesn't take the hint after that savage exchange, then there's no hope for them. Sometimes, the person you like just doesn't like you back.

There are some things you can't come back from.

And this is a perfect example of that. Notice how the contact name is "Cheater?" Yeah, I'm guessing their chances of being in a relationship have gone into the negatives.

I guess that's why you shouldn't ask your ex...

Something tells me their breakup didn't go well. Which is fine, but then why try to keep in contact? Just let it go, man...

Do it bro.

The message from "FBI Agent" really makes this. I probably wouldn't send that text, though, even if a government agent (real or pretend) tells me to.

The baddest of them all.

Honestly, that's pretty metal. Those Wii remotes were such safety hazards! Playing without the strap meant risking putting a hole in your TV every time.

Then why not tell the brother...?

As much as I kind of feel bad for the poor dude, I also can't help but laugh. Like, what was the point of this whole exchange?

But did it blend?

I'm, like, fairly certain this is fake (which is fine, it's still funny). I can't imagine there are a lot of drunk people who would think of a joke with this many layers.

Just let them in!

Okay, but if my own sibling texted me like this, I'd probably leave them on read too. And not unlock the door. That's what having a house key is for.

Street name, or Street Name?

I can see how Lil Marco made this mistake, but I'm also laughing really hard at the idea that someone out there uses the name Lil Marco as a street name.

Always double check who you're texting.

Here's a good tip: if you're about to send a message you'd never want your mom to see in a million years, check to make sure you aren't texting her by mistake...

What are the chances?

This is one of those images that cause you physical pain as soon as you see it. I'm sitting over here cringing because of how unlucky they both are.

I guess we'll never know what a super salad is.

To be honest, "sure" is a way funnier answer than asking what a super salad is. Maybe restaurant servers should switch to asking if you want salad or soup, instead.

He had an opportunity, and he took it.

Sure, the kid absolutely deserved the suspension he got, but even I can admit that this was pretty funny.

I'm sure the teacher didn't think so, though.


I'm... so confused. Did this person not know what a bagel was? Did they think the first person made homemade bagels? Either way, there's only one thing to say about this: bagel.

Should've just given the Xbox back.

I wonder if that was worth it. Taking a bite out of your deodorant can't be very fun. Like, I can only imagine any scent you have will taste like soap and regret.

This pickup line is outta this world.

I have to admit, this is a pretty creative pickup line. I'm sure the girl still isn't going to give this guy the time of day, but what was that saying about missing shots you don't take...?

Pesky autocorrect.

When the mom misspelled "drink," that phrase took on a whole new meaning. Like, either way, the kid shouldn't be doing that while at school/work, so it was still sound advice.

Five tries and none of them were right.

To be fair, though, I have a hard time spelling scissors, too. It sounds like there should be a Z or two in there, but there isn't. English is hard.