20 Hilarious Tweets We Can't Help But Think Are Super Relatable

Ashley Hunte
An image of Twitter's App Store download page on a tablet.
Unsplash | Souvik Banerjee

The one thing about Twitter is that it's full of a bunch of people who are pretty much going through the same things at the same time. It's crazy how many experiences just seem to be universally relatable.

But that's part of the reason why these particular tweets are so funny. I feel personally called out by at least half of them.

My credit card just groaned at this.

No matter how hard we try to stop spending money for no reason, we always end up with a package at our front doors a few weeks later, filled with expensive knickknacks we totally could've lived without.

I need all that room just for one leg.

To be honest, I kind of wish I had a king-sized bed. Literally just so I can have more room to sleep. A queen is barely enough for one person, let alone two.

And I'd say, "you're welcome" every time...

I always felt weirdly guilty for not donating to PBS as a kid, even though I straight up had no money to my name. I'm not saying this set a whole generation of kids up for imposter syndrome, but...

Me anytime I see the prices of grocery items these days:

This also kind of makes me think about how some entry-level jobs require years of experience beforehand. Like, were we expected to have jobs before we could even read full sentences?

The classic pet parent experience.

You give a dog a special treat, and then all of a sudden that's all they want. Well, jokes on us, because I can't imagine there are too many people who wouldn't give in and give their dog rotisserie chicken all the time.

Every. Single. Time.

You know when you go to bed thinking about how productive you're going to be the next day, and then you wake up and think about all the things you're going to do that day? And then... you get out of bed, and it's all downhill from there.

It's worse than you can even imagine.

When you have a good thing going -- like a good barber, gym instructor, or even dentist -- and then they up and move on you, it's pretty devastating. And depressing.

How I see myself in 30 years:

Let's face it, that cat looks pretty confused. I, too, look confused. And yet I can't help but feel like this is the exact kind of life I want to live one day (as the couple, not the cat).

Gotta catch 'em all.

The urge to collect the pictures your friends share of their cats and dogs like they're Pokémon cards is real. And the best part? There are few people in the world who don't like sharing pet pictures.

I only wish they could understand.

The worst is when your poor dog gets confused because you just left the room and it followed you, only for you to go back to the same room a few minutes later. I just wish they'd understand.

Now this is what I call a lifehack.

You never have to put you laundry away if you just take it straight out of the dryer. Of course, if you want to wash things like linens or towels, it gets a little more complicated...

Meh, still worth it.

This... isn't normal?

So, let me get this straight. People out there don't tell their dogs or cats (or fish, or other pets) where they're going and how long they're going to be out before they leave the house? Nah, I don't believe that for a second.

That's basically Twitter famous.

That's more likes than I've ever gotten on a single tweet, so I'd consider that a pretty huge win. We can't all be destined for Twitter fame, but at least most of us can have a post blow up (by the dozens).

It works every time.

I'm honestly surprised no one's come up with alarm clocks like this yet. This is the one sound that wouldn't make you want to just hit snooze and keep sleeping.

Being an adult is hard.

The hardest part is not being able to sleep whenever you want. Why do we have to work such long hours and only get two days off, anyway?

You know you've lost when you start checking your email.

When your apps get boring, what else are you supposed to do? Your job? Something productive? Nah, that sounds like way too much work.

So humble.

I swear, you ask people about their lives and they tell you the most impressive things, but keep downplaying them like they're no big deal. Meanwhile all you did that day was hit your step count or something.

I feel personally attacked by this one.

Wanting to go out and be social is hard when you also want nothing more than to sleep all weekend. It's the introvert struggle, I think.

It's the differently colored squares for me.

To be honest, every time I see someone posting their wordle progress, this is more of what I think of. It looks like people trying to figure out a time that works for all of them (which, let's be real, doesn't exist).

Or any other farm animal, really.

I like to spice it up and shout, "cows!" whenever I see horses. Yes, I know the difference, but it's so much more fun that way.