Forget Chocolate, Valentine's Charcuterie Boards Say 'I Love You' With Meats And Cheeses

Ashley Hunte
A charcuterie board filled with different cheeses and vegetables/fruits.
Unsplash | Anto Meneghini

Valentine's Day is all about showing that special someone (a significant other, your friend, or even yourself) that you care. And while you could go the typical chocolates route, there are plenty of other creative ways to spread the love.

Including, with a meat and cheese spread.

Yup, that's right. Valentine's Day charcuterie boards are a thing, and I couldn't be any more excited by it. I mean, who wouldn't want to receive a bunch of meats and cheeses shaped like a heart? (Besides, like...vegans, I guess.)

But you could really put anything you want on there.

You're giving it to someone you love after all (or maybe it's just for you, which is also fine). Make it exactly what they'd want to get, with all the foods they love (and none of the ones that they hate).

You could totally make them yourself.

If you've ever decided to be a little fancy and make a charcuterie board, then you'll be just fine here. And if not, it can't be that hard. Right?

Or, you could always buy one.

There are plenty of places that sell these kinds of things, so if you lack the creativity, just let someone else do it all for you!

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