Pickle Bouquets Turn Valentine's Flowers Into Something We Can Truly Relish

Ashley Hunte
Bouquet of pickles with note: "I love you a great dill."
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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be thinking about what kind of gift to get your loved one. You could go with something typical, like chocolate or flowers.

Or, you could go with something completely out of the box.

Like a pickle bouquet.

Who needs flowers when you can have pickles, right? It's going to look pretty, plus it's edible. Plus, it's pickles. So, like, it's a win-win situation.

They'd definitely be one of a kind.

Grillo's Pickles, who specializes in exactly what you'd expect, made these bouquets famous, and even sells kits on their website in time for Valentine's Day.

With the kits, you can make the bouquets yourself.

You just need some pickles, a little creativity, and a lot of love, and you'll have something that the pickle-lover in your life will... probably love more than they love you.

But let's face it.

They're kind of awesome, don't you think? You could probably use them for a bunch of special occasions, too. Birthdays, graduations, moving presents... the possibilities are endless!

h/t: Taste of Home

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