20 Mildly Infuriating Pictures That Are Giving Us High Blood Pressure

Ashley Hunte
A person holding a shrunken, deformed water bottle.
Reddit | seemantjfs

I envy people who have a lot of patience. They can look at something that's kind of annoying, and just brush it off like it's no big deal. But I'm sure that for a lot of us, those annoying things in life are enough to cause blood to boil.

When it comes to this list, it feels like nothing is sacred anymore. How do such annoying things exist and get away with it?

"Well, I suppose the postman was hungry."

A completely deteriorated envelope on a dishcloth.
Reddit | Association_Only

Either that, or some random dog (or other wild animal) decided that this letter looked like dinner. I bet it didn't even taste that good.

"Tried to print out a single page and this is what can out instead."

Several pages with completely illegible text printed on them.
Reddit | ILikeEatingEggShells

That's kind of funny, because my printer did this exact same thing the other day (no, I didn't post this picture). Maybe there's some kind of worldwide printer conspiracy going on right now...

"Was wondering why my package didn’t deliver last Monday like it was supposed to… (I’m in SC)."

A screenshot of a map of the continental US. A purple line shows the route of a package, which moved from Georgia to California and then back to the other side of the country to North Carolina (which is close to Georgia).
Reddit | jaxrains

Ah yes, because the quickest way to get a package from Georgia to South Carolina, with whom it shares a border, is to send it to California, first. Seems totally economical.

"This ruler isn’t perfectly straight."

A translucent, purple ruler against graph paper, showing that the ruler is slightly curved.
Reddit | IAmRonanDontSlapMe

Rulers may be great for measuring, but they're also great for drawing straight lines. Well, most rulers are. This one is just a mess.

"Had this laptop for a few years now and I just realised it's not centred."

A sideways shot of a blue laptop. The touchpad on the laptop is off to the left of the computer.
Reddit | Im_bored_7086

There's literally no reason for that touchpad to not be centered. Man, I'm glad my laptop is normal, because something like this would bother me enough to make me want to buy a new one.

"A billion other parking spots, and he has to park here and like this. Had to climb in the other side to get in the driver's seat."

A parking garage, where one car is parked so close to the next car that they wouldn't be able to open their doors.
Reddit | EggplantFeeling

For reference, OP is from India, which is why they wouldn't be able to get into the driver's side. Also, the brown car is theirs. Whoever parked that gray car, though, probably did this on purpose.

But, like, why?

"People are terrible, just found this on my walk home."

Cigarette butts scattered on the ground. A small sign next to them reads, "Please put your cig butts in the trash & not our yards."
Reddit | No_Trouble1229

The worst part about smokers is that so many of them like to leave their butts everywhere. Like, garbage cans exist for a reason, people! Why are cigarette butts exempt from the definition of litter to so many smokers?

"How my wife puts away the pots and pans every time."

A kitchen cupboard filled with cooking pots and pans, all thrown in rather than stacked neatly.
Reddit | pmt223

Looking at this is causing me pain. Like, how can you get anything out of there without sending that whole pile of pots and pans tumbling down? It would take less time just to stack them properly!

"This hair stuck in my pen."

A pen against a white background. There is a small hair stuck in between the clear plastic inner and outer layer of the pen.
Reddit | who-is-they

This is the kind of thing that would've totally distracted me in school. I'd probably spend half the day trying to get it out, just because of how annoying it is.

"Local op shop book section categorised by colour."

Shelves filled with books, each categorized by color rather than author/series name.
reddit | biznis10

On the surface, this looks really pretty. But the more you look, the worse it gets. Like, guaranteed none of those books are in alphabetical order, or even that close to other books in their series.

Color order is fine in someone's home, but in a bookshop or library, it's anarchy.

"Bought an oven safe Pyrex 3 weeks ago. It couldn't handle brownie batter for 30 minutes at 350 degrees."

The inside of an oven. Glass shards cover the bottom, and part of a batch of brownies sticks to the top rack.
Reddit | kirby5801

Apparently, if your Pyrex shatters like this, it means there was probably some kind of imperfection in it.

I think I should probably check all my glass pans for cracks and stuff.

"My wife doesn’t throw her trash away before putting her dish in the sink, so I often end up with this:"

A plate in the sink. There are napkins and tea bags and other trash on top of the plate.
Reddit | notanalien000

I just don't get why anyone would do this. It's so gross! Not only do you have trash all over your plate, but now you have wet trash all over your plate. And that's so much worse.

"My friend's inability to finish a jar of salsa."

A refrigerator shelf. It's completely full, almost entirely with different nearly empty jars of salsa.
Reddit | Ectohawk

This is probably the most absurd thing I've ever seen. They could've at least dumped the rest of the salsa before buying more, if they really weren't going to finish it. How do people live like this?!

"This oversized packaging."

A clear pill bottle. Though the bottle is large and unopened, the pills are small, and only take up a few centimeters of space along the bottom.
Reddit | CybordB89

This reminds me of the time I bought vitamins, only to find a few tiny pills at the bottom of a big bottle. But at least this pill bottle is see-through, so you know what you're getting beforehand.

"Somebody stole the left half of the mailboxes at my apartment complex."

A brick wall. A stack of mailboxes sits on it, next to a spot where a different stack was supposed to be.
Reddit | DanishWeddingCookie

This is both annoying and illegal! Whoever did this hopefully didn't walk away with anything super important, but this is still wrong on so many levels.

"I get paid 2.80 an hour."

A restaurant booth with a mess on the table. Text overlay on the image reads, "o the person who let their kids do this and didn't leave a tip drown."
Reddit | fignutens

Excuse me while I try to contain my rage, but wow. They didn't even have the decency to tip. No offence, but if you're not going to tip, maybe don't dine.

"Frankenstein was actually the name of the author."

Several reprints of classic books, with the author name in red and the title in black. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is reversed, with the title in red and the author name in black. It is the only book like this.
Reddit | heroinemellina

They really had a good thing going here, but then they just had to go and ruin it. Why reverse the title and author name for literally just one book?

"My car isn't a shape-shifter."

A parking lot next to grass. The lines in the lot are all crooked, going along the brick pattern laid on it.
Reddit | FishLickinGood

I guess they decided to paint the bricks instead of making proper lines. Which, like, I get, but that doesn't make this any less of an eyesore. I would probably hate parking there.

"Imagine hating life to such an extent that the dino game does not give you happiness when your internet goes."

A screenshot showing the Dino game that plays when you have no internet on Google Chrome. A notification states that the device owner turned the game off.
Reddit | JoseBrennan

This is honestly just sad. Sure, having to play the dinosaur game means you don't have any internet, but what has it done to you? Why would anyone do this?

"Accidentally shrunk my Navy water bottle in the dishwasher and now it looks… questionable."

A person's hand holding a shrunken and deformed water bottle. The shape looks much more suggestive in nature than it's supposed to.
reddit | seemantjfs

Yeah, I don't think OP can bring that water bottle out of the house anymore. Not unless they're okay having to deal with a bunch of weird looks all day.