20 Hilarious Pics That Are Keeping Us Entertained

Ashley Hunte
A photoshopped image of a man stacked on top of himself multiple times to the height of tall shrubbery.
Reddit | ShwnWllms

Nothing beats having a good chuckle every now and then. That's why I really love looking at funny pics online. Which always works out perfectly, since there are so many to be seen.

The pics in this list are full of laughs. They're sure to keep you entertained for even just a little while.

I wouldn't risk it.

A sign in a restaurant that reads, "Dear parents: we love kids, but please keep yours reasonably quiet and at your table. Unattended or loud kids will be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy. Thank you."
Reddit | levidevos

Chances are, this joint wouldn't really be doing this. But, like, if you're a parent of a kid who's already pretty hyper and loud, would you want to risk it? Because I sure wouldn't.

"He really does."

A fence for a house, with a dog standing on the other side. A sign on the fence reads, "Leave deliveries outside of fence. Dog eats Everything."
Reddit | sharrrper

I'd feel bad for the people who own this house and dog, since it's clear they've lost a few packages this way. But at the same time, the good boy is just doing his job! Probably.

"Every morning she sits like this, bewildered, for about 5 minutes before getting started doing dog stuff."

A small, white dog sitting on a living room couch in front of a lamp and on top of a blanket. The dog looks visibly tired.
Reddit | SweetPrism

Let's face it, this is all of us when we wake up in the morning. Why do we have to get up so early anyway? Why can't we just live our lives like dogs, sleeping whenever we want and not having to worry about jobs and stuff?

"Them LEGS though."

A lizard sleeping on a desk, with both hind legs sticking out at strange angles.
Reddit | DaddyCardano

This sleeping lizard has the right idea (what I wouldn't give to go back to bed right about now). But more importantly, why does he seem to be giving us the ol' razzle dazzle?

Get your preorders in before it's too late!

A sign for a service in which someone will name a worm after your ex, and then film it being fed to chickens, for $2.
Reddit | daisygirl3

Most people will celebrate Valentine's Day by spending time with their loved ones. But it looks like this club is letting you celebrate in a very different (and much funnier) way.

"Who thought this was a good idea for a restaurant bathroom?"

The floor of a public bathroom stall. The design on the tiles consists of crowds of smiling people of various ethnicities smiling and reaching their hands upward.
Reddit | FLCL08

Whoever decided that this was the way to go for a public restroom must be some kind of evil genius. Or, maybe just plain evil.

I'm wondering if it would be better or worse if this design was on the walls instead of the floor...

"The rare and hard to find Maserati Corolla 1998 edition."

A picture taken from the inside of a car, showing the back of an old Toyota Corolla, with the Toyota logo replaced with a Maserati logo.
Reddit | AlwaysASituation

I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who want a luxury car, but can't really afford it. I'm not saying this is the best compromise, but it's probably fooled a lot of dumb people over the years.

"The health app on my phone is getting a little passive aggressive."

A screenshot from a fitness app saying that the user is walking and running more than they normally do by this time of day. They are up to 0.01 miles, from 0 miles.
Reddit | neoprenewedgie

Hey, taking a few steps is a lot better than taking no steps at all. But something about the way this whole screenshot is phrased is making me feel bad for OP. It's like the app has no faith in them.

Save your cookie cookies!

A screenshot from hersheyland dot com, for a recipe for Reese's Pieces cookies. At the bottom, the website is asking the user to accept their cookie policy.
Reddit | vikingseoul

When you go to any given website, it's going to ask you to accept the cookies. But honestly, I'd rather accept those cookies (like, the baked ones) any day.

"Not sure if these two things go together."

A storefront for a place called King Fu Massage.
Reddit | Wiffleboy1

I'm honestly not sure what to expect from this place. Do they just give massages? Do they also offer kung fu classes? Is their massage technique unusually aggressive? I guess we'll never know.

The right way to do it.

A sign showing "proposal instructions," with an image of a man holding a ring box in front of a woman while on one knee, and an X next to the image. The two other images depict the man handing the woman the ring box in strange poses, with O's next to them.
Reddit | MonthlyLucky

I'm not married, but I'm going to be expecting a marriage proposal like one of the two "correct" ways from now on. It would definitely make for a great story to tell the kids someday.

"We came for a jar of pickles."

A grocery store checkout lane. On the strip by the rack of magazines and gum/candy lies multiple different boxes and packages of food, with an empty cart next to it.
Reddit | IAmCockatoo

We've all been here before (more than once, probably). It's the main reason why I can never go to Costco on my own.

This is what we get when we grocery shop while hungry.

"Finally managed to build a house of cards with all 52 cards!"

A deck of cards, split in two and set in a triangle shape.
Reddit | -manabreak

I mean, that's one way to do it. I feel like it'll still fall down pretty easily, though. At the same time, I really appreciate this attempt.

"My DoorDash driver sent the confirmation photo."

A picture of someone's front porch. In front of the door is a McDonald's delivery bag, and in the window next to the door is a barking dog.
Reddit | plum743

I can practically hear this picture. That dog is, once again, just trying to do his job and tell the humans that someone's at the door. Can't blame a dog for that.

You know you want to.

A sign on a pylon that reads, "pain is now dry... go ahead & touch it."
Reddit | flycharliegolf

You know how, as soon as you see a wet paint sign, you can't help but want to touch the thing that has wet paint? Well, nothing can stop you once the paint is dry. Go ahead...

"Truth in Merchandising: Sign above the candy aisle at a Target in Michigan."

A grocery store candy aisle. The aisle is labeled, "packaged sugar."
Reddit | JohnInDC

I mean, they're not wrong.

But to be honest, the absurd amounts of sugar is the exact reason why candy's so good. Too bad it's super bad for your health in large quantities.

When you age like wine:

A picture of a TV screen with a commercial for a service for seniors on it. The text on the screen reads, "must be age 61 or better."
Reddit | tibbymat

See, this ad has the right idea. We should maybe stop thinking about getting older as being a bad thing, I think.

"A library in Massachusetts today…"

A sign in front of a library in the middle of winter that reads, "on a positive not there are no mosquitoes."
Reddit | StillRussian1

Look, winter is tough. There's snow, ice, darkness, cold. You have to stay bundled up, you're going to get salt all over your boots and your car...

But hey, no mosquitoes! So it's not all bad.

"My brother wanted to measure the trees in his yard. This is how did he did it."

A large grouping of shrubs/trees. A man stands in front of them, and is Photoshopped to be stacked on top of himself up the entire height of the trees.
Reddit | ShwnWllms

I'm sure it'd be hard to measure those trees any other way. And if you know how tall you are (which you should), then this kind of measurement would (probably) be pretty accurate. It's hilarious, but it's also genius!

"The artist and the art..."

A brown and white cat sitting on a completely destroyed office chair.
Reddit | temporrty22

The look on this cat's face shows that he has zero regrets. I can't tell if I'm impressed, or just sad (especially since you know that chair was probably a couple hundred bucks).