Victoria Beckham
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Fashionista Victoria Beckham Would 'Rather Die' Than Wear Crocs Gifted By Justin Bieber

Victoria Beckham is known for a lot of things. Of course, her reign as Posh Spice in the greatest girl group of all time, The Spice Girls. She's also known for being a walking, talking supermodel in her everyday life. Oh yeah, and she's known for being married to one of the sexiest men alive, David Beckham.

However, above all else, I'd say Victoria is known for being a fashion icon.

Victoria Beckham is to fashion what peanut butter is to jelly — soulmates.

Come on, think about it — who else could have ever been named posh spice besides HM Queen Elizabeth?

Victoria is always on the cutting edge of fashion and always looks incredible while doing it.

Recently, David revealed how his wife has stayed looking so fabulous after all these years.

He revealed on a podcast that the gorgeous Mrs.Beckham has eaten the exact same meal every day for 25 years — steamed fish and vegetables.


Despite not changing her diet, Victoria is always evolving in her fashion.

However, there are some lines she just won't cross, like when she was gifted a pair of lilac Crocs from Justin Bieber.

After running a poll on her Instagram story, Victoria said she would "rather die" than wear the trendy shoes, but thanked the pop star anyhow.

You have to love a woman that sticks to her guns!

Victoria knows her brand and is determined to continue living in high fashion forever, and during a time when many of us have resorted to comfy clothes 24/7 — you have to admire the strength!