Official Lucky Charms Pancake Mix Is Here To Make Breakfasts Even More Magically Delicious

Ashley Hunte
A stack of pancakes topped with Lucky Charms cereal
instagram | @snaxium

These days, strange and unique food combinations are kind of all the rage. Sandwiches with pickles instead of bread, Cheetos mac 'n cheese, and whatever else your imagination can think of.

But this Lucky Charms pancake mix is on a whole other level.

I mean, just look at it!

There's so much magic in these pancakes, and I can't get enough of it. They really combine the best of both worlds — fluffy, delicious pancakes, and a childhood cereal fave.

Think you need these pancakes in your life?

Well, there's some very good news. This pancake mix, brought to us by Betty Crocker, is for sale, pretty much anywhere you can find other Betty Crocker stuff. How awesome is that?

Pretty dang awesome, if you ask me.

A Lego man excitedly saying, "Awesome!"
Giphy | Trolli

The pancake mix comes with the cereal marshmallows inside already, plus some extra marshmallows on the side to use as a topping. Or you just straight up eat, if you really wanted.

All in a nice, 14.5 ounce package.

You can make around 16 pancakes with a single box, which is pretty nice. I totally don't blame you if you want to head out to the store right now to try and find some.

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