Woman Teaches UPS Not To Mess With Her After They Denied Wrecking Her Package

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It's always so beautiful when we meet someone who's willing to go above and beyond to help us, but that's especially true in light of the fact that a lot of us are simply doing what we can get away with in life.

But of course, some folks have a habit of overestimating what they can put others through without consequence. And as bullies, companies, and even entire governments have figured out the hard way, the fastest way to do that is to underestimate how motivated some people can get in their efforts to stop you.

That's likely why one woman had to go to the lengths she did to finally get satisfaction when her unfortunate shipping mishap went from bad to worse.

When a woman in the U.K. sent a nearly new MacBook through UPS, it arrived at its destination smashed beyond repair.

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As she explained in a post to Reddit's r/ProRevenge community, she made a polite request for compensation only to be told that it was her fault the package was destroyed and that they couldn't possibly have damaged it.

She then provided evidence that her packaging job was flawless, that the laptop worked when she sent it, and obtained a statement from the staff at an Apple store that the damage was due to being dropped or thrown.

But still, UPS didn't budge and threatened to charge her for interest on customs fees that were no longer her responsibility due to the company's actions.

She then took the matter to small claims court, which led UPS to hire a lawyer who said she would be on the hook for all fees if she lost.

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But since the woman had studied law in university, she wasn't intimidated and was confident she had a clear-cut case on her hands.

And as it turned out, she was right as the court awarded her her costs back, plus some extra money and further interest.

However, as she said, "They ignored the court order and did not pay."

At this point, the woman explained where she had been trying to send the laptop.

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She said that it was supposed to go to her dearly beloved mother-in-law, who was also being hounded for customs fees by UPS. Sadly, she passed away before these issues could be resolved, which made a plea to help her deal with them her last request to her daughter-in-law.

In the woman's words, "I loved that woman more than pretty much any human on this planet, she was my mother, my best friend and my mentor. Taking down UPS was now my personal vendetta."

So she went to the High Court of Justice in London and was able to obtain a writ of control.

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Not only did this mean she could tack more fees onto what UPS owed her, but it also meant that she was empowered to hire a bailiff firm (a company that handles repossessions) to take the equivalent of the total value from UPS' British headquarters.

Since UPS ignored this firm's warnings as expected, some agents headed down there and made it clear that UPS could either pay the balance or they could start seizing assets like the office's computers.

And once UPS management realized they couldn't make them leave, a finance director ended up paying the total in full out of his personal account.

As a result, the woman ended up with more than double what she asked for and that's not even counting what UPS had to pay the bailiff firm.

I think her mother-in-law would be proud.

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