Man Asks If He's Wrong For Not Driving Coworker Home When She Felt 'Unsafe'

Rae Batchelor
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Navigating social situations can be tricky, especially when they involve your coworkers. Of course, you want to be professional, and have a friendly relationship with the people you work with, but you don't necessarily want your coworkers to be your best friends or to get the kind of privileges your friends in your life get.

One man took to Reddit to ask if he was in the wrong for denying a coworker a ride home when she said she didn't feel safe walking, and people are split.

One Reddit user went to the "Am I The Asshole?" subreddit to find out if he'd crossed a line by not agreeing to drive a female coworker home.

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"I work as a cashier and there’s this one girl that’s always scheduled with me. She talks to me the most and always wants to hang out with me and do everything with me. And even wants to take her break when I do," he began his post, explaining that they were both seventeen years old and that he found her behavior annoying.

"Last night it was me, her and my manager closing and 15 minutes before closing she asked me if I can drive her home because it’s late at night and she doesn’t feel safe walking alone," he explained.

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The Reddit user didn't feel comfortable with that and also knew his dad had loaned him his car and didn't let him drive other people in it, and told her she should ask the manager instead. "She goes on about how she doesn’t feel safe taking a ride from my manager and that I’m the only person at my job that makes her feel safe," he wrote. "At that point I kind of felt bad but I made my final decision and went home."

However, the Reddit user quickly found out it didn't end there.

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"Today when I came into work and greeted the normal people I see everyday a couple of people asked me why I made her upset and walk alone home," he shared, and then asked the Reddit community if he was in the wrong and should've driven her home if she felt unsafe.

While some people felt he should've been more sympathetic to her worries, most people in the comments said he was under no obligation to be her ride home.

"She should arrange her own rides home if she feels it's unsafe to walk," one commenter wrote.

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"It really isn’t your responsibility to get her home . It seems like she might like you and was trying to manipulate the situation into you giving her a ride home/being able to spend time with you," another added.

What do you think? Should he have been more willing to give her a ride? Let us know what you think in the comments!