Kody Brown Admits He's 'Not In Sync' With Janelle: 'We Don't Partner Really Well'

Taylor Sakellis
Janelle and Kody Brown
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Another day, another comment from Kody Brown that makes fans roll their eyes. The second part of the Sister Wives tell-all aired Sunday night and reminded us all why this past season will go down in history as the wackiest one of them all.

Although the special was difficult to watch at times, as per usual, it gave fans useful insight into Kody and Janelle's union.

It's no secret Janelle and Kody Brown have had a difficult year in their marriage.

Viewers of the hit TLC series watched as the pair grew apart amidst tensions and feuds with Kody and their adult children.

Janelle has always been a fan favorite, and it was sad to see her so upset this season!

While much of the focus had been on Meri and Kody's relationship last week, part two of the special brought a different perspective.

Sister Wives
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“In COVID, everybody has to make sacrifices. I feel like they’ve been the biggest jack wagons about what’s been going on,” Kody said during Sunday night's tell-all, as per Us Weekly.

Of course, he was referring to ex-wife Christine and current wife, Janelle.

Janelle went on to admit that Kody's complete distrust in his and Janelle son's caused a strain.

She explained that “several of [Kody’s] children are at odds with him because of the way his COVID rules went down."

Honestly, I can't say I'm surprised!

In response to the strain, Kody said he does love his children and wants to be around them.

“They want my company," he explained, "but I struggle with the lack of respect they have for my leadership.”

As for Kody's relationship with Janelle, it's safe to say things are pretty rocky at the moment.

Kody said he "loves" Janelle but wouldn't say he's "in love" with her, and claims that she feels the same about him.

“We’re not in sync. We don’t partner really well, but we’re able to have a marriage that’s, if you will, lower in attachment,” Kody said. “We’re good friends. We get along well. It's more of a committed relationship.”

Janelle had similar sentiments about her husband of nearly 3 decades.

“Look, we have a long-term relationship. We’ve been together almost 30 years. He’s my best friend," he said. "Kody and I are fine. I'm not going to share too much, but we’re fine."

I am so eager to see how they will wrap this up next Sunday night on TLC!

h/t: Us Weekly