I Was Unaware That We Apparently Don't Have To Wash Mushrooms Before Cooking Them

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When you're cooking, most of the time you think you have to wash everything you get before cooking it. While we don't have a definitive reason, it's just second nature to wash everything you are going to use.

Vegetables, fruit, chicken—no matter what we are cooking, we rinse it off in water to clean and make sure that everything is fresh. No one wants to use veggies with dirt or even a small bug on them, right? Turns out, not everything needs to be washed and rinsed before using it. Who knew?

For those who love mushrooms, this is for you.

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Clearly, cooking mushrooms is the same and similar to cooking other vegetables, right? Or, so we thought.

Apparently cleaning our mushrooms in the sink and washing them isn't something that we have to do. But, we thought that, like everything else, that dirt has to come off in the sink with some water (and even some soap if need be).

However, cleaning mushrooms doesn't have to be done that way.

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Thanks to TikTok, we're always getting cooking lessons and tips from people across the world that know way more than we do. One TikTok user recently said that cleaning mushrooms doesn't have to be done in the sink with scrubbing and soap and water. In fact, the less wet your mushrooms are, the better they will cook.

@inspiredtaste shared a video showcasing the best ways to cook mushrooms.

paper towel
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In the video where the TikTok user shows the best way to cook mushrooms, she shares that you shouldn't soak the mushrooms in the sink with water.

Instead, take a damp paper towel and just take off any dirt that is on the mushrooms. Then, cut the ends off and you're ready to cook them. This was definitely something we didn't know.

In the video, the recipe was actually to die for.

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The video shared that there is a delicious and easy way to cook mushrooms in a pan and saute them.

All you need is some mushrooms, butter, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, and a lemon. First, take the dirt off of your mushrooms with that wet paper towel, but make sure they are dry. The dryer the mushroom, the better they will cook/fry.

Then, you want to cut off the ends and slice your mushrooms.

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Slicing your mushrooms in half and even thirds are the best way to cook them so they are thin and easy to saute.

Mushrooms tend to let off the water when they cook, so you don't want them to be too big so they are soggy. When they're thin, they crisp nicely in the pan.

Next, you want to make a little spice mix.

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Slice and chop up some garlic and put it in a small mixing bowl. The more garlic, the better—obviously. Then, get some herb mix. You can use thyme or even parsley to spice it up. Next, add that to the garlic. Then you get a lemon and put some of the lemon rinds into the mixing bowl.

Save the lemon because you will need the juice later on.

In a pan heat up some oil.

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In a skillet pan, heat up some oil until it's ready to cook. Next, add the mushrooms in. It will give off some water, so you want to be sure you mix the mushrooms around in the pan until they're golden brown.

Make sure to flip them so that they are brown on both sides of the mushrooms. Some of them may look a bit undercooked, just saute them around the pan.

When they're golden brown, add your spices.

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When they are golden brown, add your spices to the mushrooms. The garlic, parsley, lemon rind, and a little bit of butter, as well.

Next, you want to add some salt and petter into the mushrooms, too. Saute the mushrooms around until they are cooked through and all of your butter and "spices" are spread out evenly.

The end result looks amazing!


The end result is a perfectly browned and sauteed dish of delicious mushrooms that you can serve as a side dish or even over a bowl of fresh pasta. Surprisingly, they really do go with just about anything, even over chicken or a steak.

And, they're super easy to make, too.

Who knew mushrooms were so easy?!?

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Who knew that mushrooms were so easy to make? And, not having to thoroughly clean them makes them that much more enticing to cook. Next time you're food shopping and want to grab some brussel sprouts or broccoli, remember you're going to have to wash them before cooking. So, reach for the mushrooms instead.