People Share Secrets They Never Told Anyone (And Some Are Pretty Serious)

Lex Gabrielle
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Everyone in life has secrets. People hide things that embarrass them, make them feel ashamed, or even just that they don't want people to know.

Many times, some will reveal their secrets to close individuals and those that they trust, but there are those who don't trust anyone and those who keep things closed off forever. Some people keep their secrets for life, that they're going to take to the grave. But, there's nothing quite like sharing them with total strangers online.

He "broke into" his own house.

Unsplash | Allef Vinicius

koushakandystore said that as a kid, his parents were starting a new business and worked day and night, leaving him alone at home a lot. Sick and tired of it, he decided to "break into" his own house, trashing their home office and breaking lamps, windows, desks, and doors. He called his mom and said someone broke into the house. The cops stormed the house with guns and detectives and eventually, he told them the truth.

Luckily he was too young for criminal charges to be pressed.

He actually failed his Driver's Ed. test.

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Saltyice18 said that in their state, you need to take a written test to get your driver's license. When he took the test, he failed by one question. The instructor told him to go back, change the answer to the right answer, and bring the test back up. He did it, and then passed driver's ed.

He evacuated the entire store.

Unsplash | Fikri Rasyid

"When I was about 8 I was in a supermarket with my mum and she had to use the bathroom. I was sitting on the bench outside waiting and there was one of those “press to break glass” fire alarms on the wall. I wanted to know how hard you had to press it… not very hard as it turns out.

The whole store had to leave their shopping and go outside, well over 100 people. Not sure what happened after that because we just went home," said General-Ad-9753.

Sneaky (smart) kids.

Unsplash | Fredrick Tendong

IntergalacticPopTart said that when he was younger, his mom took away his favorite computer game after he was punished for bad grades. He found out where she hid the CD, made a copy of the CD cover, and glued it to a blank CD. He replaced the "new" game with the old CD and was able to play the game whenever his mom wasn't home.

He peed in a store and just went on his way.

Unsplash | Oxana Melis

Wick3d3nd3r said when he was 9, his dad took him to a lumber store to grab some stuff. He had to go to the bathroom really bad but couldn't find the bathroom (or his dad). So, he wandered off and found a secluded corner of the store and just took a whole piss in the corner.

They got a free grade.

Unsplash | Aaron Burden

BBQinFool said in 7th grade, they were supposed to write a science paper that they never wrote. When the teacher asked if they turned it in, they said "yes, they did." Then, the teacher looked through the papers and "swore" she saw it somewhere. They ended up getting a B on the paper and never actually wrote it.

Nothing stinks more than spoiled milk.

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"In senior year of HS, I put a milk carton in the ceiling of a portable building right before spring break. When we came back from spring break, the classroom smelled like a rotting corpse. Some other kid that was a known prankster somehow got blamed and was suspended," said carpetgazer.

Abusive relationships really do mess you up.

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

AlessiaRS18 shared that when they were 15, they were in an abusive relationship where her partner would make her feel terrible if she didn't have money to pay when they went out. For months, she took money out of her grandmother's savings "box" and stole it from her. Neither of them said anything about it to each other.

Now, she's an adult in therapy and she puts part of her paycheck into her grandma's money box.

The good friend.

Unsplash | Mae Mu

Watery-Mustard said that when they were young, their drunk friends always wanted to do more shots after they were way too drunk in the first place. So, they would fill the shot glasses with water and when they asked, they said "they were too drunk to taste the vodka."

They got a sex offender fired from their job.

Unsplash | Christin Hume

Iwillnotbeokay said that at work, a co-worker left a company computer open with his personal email logged in and saw numerous photos and emails that they "should not have." So, they reported it to the supervisor, and he was arrested and also the FBI was contacted. He tried to file for "workman's comp" for wrongful termination, but the Reddit user already gave a statement to the judge.

She's in love with her roommate.

Unsplash | Sigmund

SexyTaterThot said that she's in love with her roommate, but has not told him. She has been in love with him for quite some time, but when they talked about relationships, he had made it clear he was not looking for anyone or anything serious with anyone. So, she has been respectful of his choices and boundaries and kept her secret to herself.

They ruined a lady's trip.

Unsplash | Weston MacKinnon

"When I was a kid (17) I worked at a Greyhound station. I accidentally sent a woman to Salmo instead of Salmon Arm because I thought it just ran out of print space on the ticket/screen. I had never heard of Salmo back then. That woman had to spend an entire night in hells half acres, and lost an entire day of travel. My boss chalked it up to a "glitch" in their antiquated machine," said I_Like_Ginger.

She misses her kids.

Unsplash | Gabe Pierce

SKatieRo said she is a "therapeutic foster parent," and temporarily parents children in the foster system before they are reunited with their bio families or adoptive families. She says she is "happy for her kids" who are reunited with their families, but she is also selfishly sad to lose them and misses them all of the time.

He slept with his mom's friend.

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El_Werm said he slept with his mom's friend, who was a bit younger than his mom. She was 32 and he was 20 at the time. She asked for "help with her WiFi" and asked him to come over. She then pulled out a bottle of tequila and some shot glasses. The two did the deed.