The Internet Is Loving Photos Of Kate Middleton Playing With Pro Rugby Players

Taylor Sakellis
Kate Middleton
Getty Images | Karwai Tang

Kate Middleton is known for her big smile. Let's be real, HRH is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, the duchess has more poise and grace in her pinky toe than I have in my entire body.

So when I saw that Kate was rough-housing with England's national rugby team, I knew I had to show you all these incredible shots because Kate is truly the country's MVP.

As fans of the royals may know, the Duchess of Cambridge has stepped into her brother-in-law Prince Harry's boots as the patron of the Rugby Football League and Rugby Football Union.

Kate Middleton
Giphy | BFMTV

The news was announced on social media earlier this week.

In celebration of the title, a new video, and a bunch of hilarious photos, have been shared that show Kate Middleton getting her head in the game.

On Instagram, HRH wrote: "Home of @englandrugby! Fantastic to meet the players, staff and referees representing the sport at the highest level. Even put the shoes on to get a taste of how the teams train. Wishing both teams the best of luck in their upcoming tournaments!"

Needless to say, fans were absolutely loving seeing this sporty side of the Duchess.

Kate Middleton
Getty Images | Karwai Tang

"This is a great post. It’s always fun to see the Royals in this type of setting. Catherine always looks so happy when doing something with sports!" commented one fan.

"I love how Catherine mucks in! She's such a good sport!" said another.

"If this doesn’t make you smile today then nothing will. Love to see her fun side!" gushed one fan on Twitter.

"She is simply delightful, always ready to have a go at literally anything, she is engaging and personable, mixes in with everyone. A lovely, humble woman. She is wonderful," echoed a different fan.

Truly, what can't HRH do?!