Meteorologist And Working Mom Praised For Bringing Her Baby On-Air

Kasia Mikolajczak
Meterologist and baby doing live broadcast
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Any working mom knows how hard it is to leave their baby behind when you have to go back to work. However, companies are moving towards having more people work from home.

That's great news if you asked me. And the same can be said of this one mom who works as an on-air meteorologist who gave her viewers in Milwaukee an adorable surprise. Check this story out.

Meteorologist Rebecca Schuld recently finished her maternity leave.

Mom and baby
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She was getting ready to go on-air working from the basement of her house due to COVID when something surprising happened. Schuld's daughter just woke up from her nap, and mom was comforting the baby in front of the green screen.

That's when the producer asked her if baby Fiona would join mommy on-air.

Mom with baby doing weather broadcast
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Feeling confident that 13-month old Fiona would behave, Schuld agreed. After all, the baby just had just woken up from a long nap, ha, ha! And that's how little Fiona made her debut appearance on TV.

Oddly enough this spontaneous moment made mom feel slightly guilty.

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Why? It's because, as a professional woman, she felt that she was supposed to put on a certain face. So breaking from that and showing her real life took her aback. However, she quickly got over that.

Schuld realized that what she is doing as a working mom isn't different from any other mom.

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It's always a challenge when you work from home, especially when your kids are around. So there is no shame in that. Life is certainly messy like that.

Here's the thing.

Meterologist mom and baby doing on air broadcast
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The guilt is something a lot of working parents place on themselves. And it shouldn't be that way. Schuld hopes that bringing her baby on air will show other women that it's okay. You're a mom first and then a working woman.

After all, you're still getting your work done, no?

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So it doesn't matter if you have a screaming kid in the background. You can tend to your kids and still be professional when you need to. Ladies, am I right?

That seems to be the consensus between other working moms.

After the show aired, many other ladies started applauding Schuld. The show pretty much went viral with all the love that the little tyke and her mom received. Aww, that's so sweet. Isn't it?

Check out all the positive comments people left when Inside Edition shared the video on YouTube

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I would love to see more real-life moments like these. Usually, the news is so stagnant and boring this little baby was a breath of fresh air.

Oh my goodness, how cute was this?

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What do you think of this mom? Do you agree that women shouldn't feel guilty to share real-life moments like this at work? It definitely brightened many people's day. So I say, why not? Any time you get to see a cute baby, it's okay in my book. I hope we get to see more awesome moments like these on the news and everywhere else. Who's with me?