Target's New Valentine's Cookie House Crosses The Holiday Streams In Ways We're Unsure Of

Ashley Hunte
Box for a Valentine's Day cookie house kit
Target | Target

Every holiday has its thing. Thanksgiving has turkey. Halloween has pumpkins. The 4th of July has fireworks, and Christmas has, well, pretty much everything.

When it comes to something like Valentine's Day, though, sweet treats dyed pink and red are where it's at. But what if there's a Valentine's treat out there that steps into another holiday's territory?

Well, there is.

You've heard of gingerbread houses, but I bet you probably haven't seen very many Valentine's Day cookie houses out in the world.

But they're real, and you can buy one right now.

Target has them for sale in stores and on their website, making them pretty accessible.

If you were up for more of a challenge, you could probably make one yourself, too. You just need to start with a good, firm sugar cookie recipe.

But... is this going a little too far?

Tom Hanks thinking.
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A gingerbread house is distinctly Christmas. And with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, Christmas is a bit of a thing in the past at this point (and we're still months away from the next Holiday season). Does that make it okay to "borrow" one holiday tradition, and transform it for another?

Honestly? Who cares?

Look, I'm not gonna lie here. These Valentine's Day cookie houses are super adorable. They have the whimsy of their Christmas counterparts, while being distinctly tied to the middle of February.

At the end of the day, just do what you want.

A woman talking. Text overlay reads, "go on and do it girl."

If you love this idea, then go out and get a kit (or try to make one from scratch... and good luck). If you think it's tacky, that's fine, too. Valentine's Day is one of those holidays where you can kind of just do your own thing. As long as you have fun with it, it's all up to you.

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