20 Soothing Pics As Satisfying As Finally Getting Out That Stubborn Sneeze

Ashley Hunte
A driveway with fresh snow fallen on it. A snowblower sits on it, having just cleared the snow in clean lines.
Reddit | mcCheester

As much as there are super frustrating things in the world, there are plenty of satisfying things, too. Things that make you feel ultra calm, even during the most stressful days.

And yes, when it comes to ultra satisfying stuff, this list is full of it. Keep scrolling if you want to feel a shot of zen during your busy day.

"Condensation on my can."

A zoomed in shot of a can, full of small condensation bubbles.
Reddit | PsychoPotency

Oh man, that looks so cool! Every single space is filled with condensation bubbles, and there are no smudges or anything. I'm suddenly craving a cold drink, though.

"How the snow fell against the garage door."

The transition between a driveway and garage, with a perfect line of snow where the door would usually be.
Reddit | PeddarCheddar11

Because it's the season of snow, there's going to be a lot of snow pics in this list. But I can't really help myself — there's something about clean, untouched snow that's so satisfying to look at!

"The last four pieces of my puzzle."

A puzzle depicting cut citrus fruits. Four pieces in the middle are missing, but each are of the same shape.
reddit | fiestafoxinue

To be honest, the puzzle itself would be really satisfying if it was complete. But the fact that the four missing pieces are nearly all identical is really great, too.

"This window setup."

A room with an open window, looking out to a heavily wooded tropical view. Cushions sit beneath the window.
Reddit | Zee_Ventures

Sitting by this window would be satisfying in more ways than one. It looks like the kind of view where you could think, "I made it." But it's also, like, really nice.

"The way the snow fell on my deck."

A snow-covered deck. The spaces between the deck planks are void of snow, creating slats in the design.
Reddit | GST93

See, like, fresh snow is probably the most satisfying thing to look at. And the best part is that it looks different depending on where it landed, so you're always going to see something unique.

"This perfectly cut spring onion gradient."

Finely chopped green onions on a cutting board.
Reddit | nikan69

The gradient is really nice, sure. But the real star of this pic is the fact that those green onion slices look so even and uniform. Niiiiice.

"This yogurt company is not stingy."

A yogurt cup on a desk in front of a computer keyboard. The cup is open, revealing a smooth layer of yogurt right at the edge.
Reddit | Mik-Hail-tal

I almost wish we got to see the lid from that yogurt cup, too. I bet it's perfectly clean. Just thinking about it is enough to make me super calm.

"The Layers On My Cheesecake!"

A blueberry red velvet cheese cake with a slice missing, revealing the layers.
Reddit | Pokemasterblaster

Everything about this is such a win! Blueberry cheesecake and red velvet cheesecake both slap, so I'm betting this tastes as good as it looks.

"The snow drift carved out a perfect path to my trash bins."

A walkway in front of a driveway. While the driveway is covered in snow, the walkway is clear, seemingly thanks to the wind.
Reddit | kevinnn220

Yep, you guessed it. Time for more snow! It's kind of amazing how the wind ended up creating such a perfect walkway, don't you think? Not needing to shovel out the bins makes it extra satisfying.

"Time to quit now."

A screenshot from a game of Tetris. One 4x1 block is descending vertically into the leftmost side, which would complete a perfect 4 layer stack on the board.
Reddit | meester_pink

I never thought I'd see the day where somebody played a perfect Tetris game. This is it. No one else can play this game ever again.

"A simple orangement."

A perfectly peeled orange; the peel sits next to it, all in one long piece.
Reddit | celeryzamfir

A+ orange peeling game. And A+ pun game, while we're at it.

I'm seriously impressed by anyone who can peel an orange in one go.

"Perfect table for a skateboard."

A skateboard sitting on a rail, with its wheels touching either side of the rail.
Reddit | ashtefer1

Yup, that's satisfying alright. It's almost like a Tetris puzzle, but in real life. That feeling you get when something fits perfectly into another thing is just great.

"The left over sausage links fit perfectly in the Pyrex."

Exactly 8 breakfast sausages that are lined up perfectly in a glass container.
Reddit | MeatyThor

Here's some more real life Tetris. You know, in case you haven't had enough of it yet (I know I haven't).

It's kind of making me hungry...

"This Cheesecake I made with no cracks in the top."

A cheesecake still in the pan. There are no cracks along the perfectly smooth surface.
Reddit | Pokemasterblaster

I'm... actually pretty sure this is the same cheesecake from before, just without all the blueberries on top.

But man. Cheesecake is a really hard dessert to get right. But when you do...

"Round Cat Is Round."

A tabby cat curled up in a perfect circle for a nap.
Reddit | xlxdx

It's true. Round cat is round. I can't be the only one who loves it when cats curl up into perfect circles like this, right?

Okay, good.

"The shadow of this laundry basket."

A circular laundry basket with shadows forming around it.
Reddit | Ayontari2

Oh man. This shadow is so perfect, but in a way I can't quite put my finger on. It's almost like this shadow is smoother than other shadows.

"The way this bonsai tree fit in my car."

A car interior. A bonsai tree sits in the console next to the parking brake.
Reddit | Steven_Ray20

I'm beginning to realize that the most satisfying things in the world are usually going to be either snow, or real life Tetris. And I'm not even mad.

"Numbering a small batch of parts for QC, accidentally made the most perfect six of my life."

A perfect number 6 painted onto a piece of metal.
Reddit | dirtybellybutton

This looks like it was printed or stamped on. Not like it was done freehand. Even though it was.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm super impressed right now.

"After 20 years of working at the same place, I vowed to finish a pen, then I finished the box."

A box of pens. In front of the box are the pens; each one completely emptied of ink.
Reddit | s0uld0ubt79

I've seen people finish pens before (and I'm jealous of their dedication for sure). But this is the first time I've seen someone finish off a whole box. Like, whaaat?

"Clean snowblower lines after a fresh snowfall."

A driveway that was recently snowed on. A snowblower sits in the middle, having been used to clear the driveway of snow.
Reddit | mcCheester

The only thing better than fresh snow is a freshly cleaned driveway. It's satisfying because it's a job well done, but also because of these clean lines!

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