Walmart Employee Claims Nothing Is Actually Baked In The Bakery

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Well, in a move we could have never seen coming, it appears that Walmart has been scamming us into believing there is a bakery section of their store. Well, there is a bakery section, but it isn't being used as an actual bakery. More of a prop bakery. More of a figurehead bakery, if you will.

One former employee is exposing the company in a viral TikTok that I just cannot wait to share with you all.

TikTok user Kat Marie (@kazmarie13) is exposing her former employer by alleging that the Walmart bakery doesn't actually bake anything from scratch.

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Kat's video was in response to a trend going around the app where people can share the secrets of a company they used to work for, but don't anymore.

“The reason you have to give so much notice before getting a cake that is custom decorated is not because that's how long it takes them to bake the cake,” they say in the video, which has amassed over 150,000 thousand views.

“It’s because that’s how long it takes the frozen sheet cake to thaw out. Nothing is actually baked in the bakery, it’s warmed up from frozen.”

Well, color me surprised!

TikTok user
TikTok | @kazmarie13

According to Query Sprout and Cake Central, Walmart bakeries operate by buying pre-made, frozen sheet cakes from Pillsbury and thawing them out as needed. While it's standard practice for many cake shops to freeze the cake, they normally freeze their own homemade creations.

Despite this, Walmart claims to be a "fresh bakery" in the corporate blog — whatever that means.

Walmart employee
TikTok | @kazmarie13

Kat went on to confirm that nothing is baked fresh, including the desserts and pastries.

"Nothing's actually 'baked' in the bakery, it's all warmed up from frozen."

This moment of truth came as a surprise to many viewers who realized they never smelled fresh-baked treats while walking into the store.

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"If they baked them the store would smell AMAZING! Walmart smells like regret and sadness," said one user.

"Not me suddenly realizing I’ve never smelt fresh baked goods when walking into a store," said another.

Let's be clear that none of this information takes away from how totally delicious their cakes are and I will probably be picking one up for me to indulge in this weekend.