Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Life-Changing Relationship With Keith Urban

Jordan Claes
Micole Kidman and Keith Urban in the studio
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Nicole Kidman is one of the greatest actresses working in Hollywood today. She's an Oscar Winner, an award-winning producer, and at one point in time — a Batman love interest!

But of all the accomplishments Nicole has to be proud of in her life, she credits the relationship with her husband, Keith Urban, as the most important thing to have ever happened to her.

Nicole Kidman has a lot to brag about.

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Over the span of her nearly 40-year-long career, Nicole has appeared in some of the most celebrated and revered films of her generation. She's a Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress, as well as a four-time Oscar nominee (one win).

On top of all that, Nicole is also a producer as well as the founder of Blossom Films.

Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole
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Nicole, along with her business partner Per Saari, launched Blossom Films back in 2010. The company's first project was a film called Rabit Hole, which went on to be nominated for a Golden Globe, as well as an Academy Award.

Did I mention that she's also a mother of four?

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Nicole was married to her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, from 1990 until 2001. She and Cruise share two children together (daughter Isabella, 28, and son Conor, 26). Then in 2005, Nicole got remarried to Keith Urban, with whom she also shares two children (Sunday Rose, 13, and Faith Margaret, 11).

But of all her many accolades, Nicole credits the meeting of her husband, Keith Urban, as the best thing to have ever happened to her.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban in car
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While speaking with CBS Mornings' Gayle King about her pinnacle role, playing Lucille Ball in Being the Ricardos, Nicole regaled her husband with love, praise, and affection.

"I'm incredibly lucky to have met him," Nicole said earnestly.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban kissing outside
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"I met him later in life, and it's been the most — the best thing that's ever happened to me. That man is the best thing that's ever happened to me," Nicole told King.

Last year, Nicole and Keith celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban hugging in front of Christmas tree
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To commemorate the milestone event, both Keith and Nicole shared a photo together on their respective Instagram accounts. Keith chose to post a photo of him and Nicole hugging in front of the Christmas tree. Nicole, on the other hand, chose a much more sensual shot.

"We're a mix," Nicole said laughingly. "We're very suited."

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban red carpet
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Not surprisingly, Nicole's husband, Keith Urban, has similar feelings on the subject — as he explained during an appearance on Living & Learning with Reba McEntire in December of 2021.

During the interview, the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter was asked to name his biggest achievement.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban in anti-gravity plane
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"There's a lot of things," Urban replied contemplatively. "Marrying the right person; massive. Marrying for the right reasons, getting sober 15 years ago, a big turning point in my life."

Three months prior to Keith's interview, Nicole was asked by Jimmy Fallon about the moment she knew that she and Keith were meant to be.

During a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Nicole explained that their kismet moment occurred in the wee hours of the morning in New York City.

"He sat on the stoop of my New York apartment," Nicole began.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sitting outside
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"I came out at 5 AM in the morning, and it was my birthday, and he had flowers. And that was it. I was a goner," Nicole recalled to the late-night host.

With one eye on the past and one looking toward the future, it's clear that Nicole and Keith are as much in love today as they were back then.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on the beach
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With impending Oscar nominations hanging in the air, Nicole and Keith appear poised to have even more reasons to celebrate and bask in their loving support of one another.