Rihanna's New Lingerie Line For Men Arrives Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Elizabeth Spina
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Rihanna's lingerie brand Savage x Fenty has been dominating the market and schooling us all in what it means to be inclusive. In keeping with that, and just in time for Valentine's Day, the "Work" singer is launching a lingerie line for men that will include satin boxers, harnesses, and mesh crop tops.

Fans have been praising Rihanna for the latest addition to the Savage x Fenty collection.

ICYMI, Rihanna has been seriously winning at life lately.

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I mean, for starters, she's officially a billionaire. So it's safe to say that her business ventures outside of music are going very well, and probably rendering her life luxurious in every sense of the word.

The extreme anticipation of her upcoming album has been palpable.

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Fans have been begging and badgering the "We Found Love" songstress for years — since the release of her last album, ANTI, back in 2016 — to release an album, but the anticipation peeked in 2021 when she hinted that new music would be coming "soon."

And as you may have probably already heard, she and her rapper boyfriend, A$AP Rocky are now expecting their first child.

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On January 31, the fashion mogul and "Sundress" rapper were photographed walking together in New York City — Rihanna, with her baby bump on display in an unbuttoned, oversized, pink coat, baggy jeans, and Chanel jewels. Saying she looked like a goddess would be an understatement.

Badgal Riri was glowing!

So, as though things weren't going well enough for Riri, she's now introducing a new Savage x Fenty collection.

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In keeping with their already famously inclusive brand, Savage x Fenty is introducing lingerie for men.

According to the website, the collection "celebrates fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity."

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“We want you to feel sexy and have fun doing it. With offerings ranging from everyday basics to more provocative pieces - Savage X Fenty is lingerie for everyone," the website reads.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, men can find everything from satin boxers and harnesses to mesh crop tops at Savage x Fenty.

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Since the first unveiling of the line in January, shoppers have been praising Rihanna for "breaking down barriers."

"I love how Rihanna is always breaking down barriers and diving deeper into inclusivity and how Savage x Fenty can be more of that," one Instagram user commented.

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"Introducing men's options is such a good idea! Lingerie isn't exclusively for women," they added.

"Men's options! Yes! Here for that," wrote another. "I love how this brand loves humans."

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"Thank you for representing plus-sized men!" another Instagram user commented. "Normalize this."

"Yes to dad bods!" someone else added. "And body hair."

One person chimed in, calling Savage x Fenty the only "truly inclusive" brand.

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"Thank you so much, Rihanna, for being truly an inclusive brand. A lot of companies really trying to fake inclusivity and pass it off as the real thing but you're really doing it and making it look sexy af. All body types, genders, etc. Love to see it," they commented.