Woman Blasts Her Date Who Made A List Of Her 'Failings'

Sarah Kester

Before there was the internet or social media, we learned about the true horrors of dating from our friends. 

Like a date who professed his love before the appetizer even came or a date who was openly sexist. 

But now, thanks to the wide, weird, and scary web, we're able to hear stories from all over the world. 

It's how we learned about this one girl who received a play-by-play of everything she did wrong on her date. 

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This sad story belongs to TikTok user, Katie Lacie. Her viral video about the date from hell has racked up almost 500k likes!

In the text message exchange she shared, her date started off polite enough.

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He wrote, "Hey - I had fun on our date but I don't really see this going anywhere."

While it's not always what you want to hear, we can appreciate the guy's honesty.

And so did Katie, who replied back, "No worries - good luck!"

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Sadly, the conversation did not end there. Determined to offer feedback, the man asked, "don't you want to know why?"

We have therapy to tell us what's wrong with us, thankyouverymuch.

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As such, Katie wrote, "not really lol."

But her date wasn't letting up. "You should want to know what you did wrong so you can change it in the future," he wrote.

What a kind soul. *insert eye roll here*

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Since Katie sarcastically wrote for his help to become a "better person," her date, Jason, happily obliged.

But in the midst of showing off Katie's "red flags," he showed his own.

"You chose to go to a dive bar to play pool rather than let me take you out to dinner. That showed your level of class, which is low," he wrote.

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"And I'd love the black nail polish, it's not feminine," he added.

The audacity! Katie defended herself, writing that she didn't want an expensive meal from someone she never met.

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She then continued to lay the sarcasm on thick, writing, "Do you think there's a conversion program I can join to make me less trashy and more feminine?"

This sarcasm is another thing Jason didn't like.

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"Keep up the sarcasm," he responded. "You'll be single forever."

In response, Katie delivered one last final douse of it: "I can only hope!"

Since he was so great at telling Katie all the things that she did wrong, TikTok users wasted no time in discussing his flaws.

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"Hey Jason. The only thing she did wrong was go out with you," one user wrote.

"My mouth is on the floor. I’m well past dating days, but are these legit? Like men are really out here offering their advice?" another added.

"The absolute audacity. And he says YOU are the one that will be single for ever. Think he might have that mixed up."

"Why do they act like they aren’t still single too?!" a third questioned.

This is true. We can't exactly see women lining up to date this guy. He's definitely the kind to proclaim, "I'm a nice guy."

One wrote what we were all thinking: "wow you dodged a bullet there."

She sure did! "Saved from a lifetime of gaslighting," this user pointed out.