As if being a mother and a celebrity at the same time isn't one of the hardest jobs ever, these celebrities just couldn't catch a break. 

I can only imagine the headache internet trolls bring when you're simply trying to share a precious moment with your babies! 

The worst part is, the reasons behind the mom shaming are completely ridiculous. I mean, come on — give a gal a break! From "exposing" babies to mom's choice in baby food, these mom shamers are just unbelievable!


1. That time Chrissy Teigen chose the sex of her baby.

Chrissy Teigen is the clapback queen when it comes to her haters! She hilariously clapped back at a tweeter who criticized her for choosing an embryo during her pregnancy. She's clearly gives no effs. 

Twitter | @chrissyteigen

2. That time Jana Kramer decided to give her baby food.

A celebrity mom can't even feed her baby in peace! The country artist was mom shamed for purchasing baby food instead of making her own, as recommended by several internet trolls. 

Instagram | @kramergirl

3. That time a Halle Berry didn't show her kids' faces. 

Some people have too much time on their hands. Case in point: this hater who claimed Halle was ashamed of her kids. A mama bear has every right to protect her cubs. You feel me?

Instagram | @halleberry

4. That time Julia Stiles held her baby incorrectly.

This poor mom and actress was simply sharing a post about new motherhood when she ended up getting ruthlessly bullied by other moms for "smothering" her baby and not holding him correctly.

Instagram | @missjuliastiles