Chocolate Red Wine Is Here Just In Time For Valentine's Day

Amy Pilkington 7 Feb 2019

Even if you blame marketing, it's hard to deny that chocolate is the core of Valentine's Day treats. It's so ingrained that in places like Japan, the entire holiday is centered around women giving chocolate to men.

Don't fret, though, because Japan also has White Day, which falls in March, when those same men reciprocate the gift of chocolate. Which is a pretty neat tradition.

But even in North America, chocolate is a key part of the holiday.

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Sure, we celebrate in a wide variety of ways. For some, it's a quiet dinner at home and a bouquet of flowers, while others might get decked out for a fancy restaurant or get surprised by a sparkly gift in a Tiffany blue box.

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Still, you had better believe there's chocolate involved somewhere.


Another big part of the holiday is wine. Something about it just feels more romantic than most other alcoholic beverages, especially red wines, which is handy because red wine also pairs amazingly with chocolate.

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So I don't know why I'm surprised to learn that chocolate red wine is a thing now.

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It doesn't take a genius to come up with the idea to combine the two, though a genius may be required to make sure the results taste good.

I mean, I could add hot chocolate mix to a glass of red wine, but it would probably taste terrible (and gritty).

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That's why we leave these things to the professionals.

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Recently, Cosmopolitan featured a new offering from Aldi by The Chocolate Celler. According to those who've tried it, the wine is sweet and full of chocolate flavor.

If you're not usually into the strong flavors of red wine, then the sweetness may make this perfect for you.

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Of course, The Chocolate Cellar isn't the only company to try their hand at this blend.

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Something I've noticed when skimming social media images of the various brands is how different the poured drink can look. Some appear to be like any other red wine, where others have the color and consistency of chocolate milk.

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I suppose you just have to decide which part of the combination is most important to you.

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Do you want your chocolate to have a hint of red wine flavor? Then maybe opt for one of the more chocolate milky versions. If you want a touch of chocolate in your wine, choose one on the opposite end of the spectrum to try.

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I actually kind of love that there's such a wide variety.

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It means that more experimentation is required to find the perfect one for me, but since "experimentation" means "drink more chocolate wine," I'm willing to make that sacrifice.

You know... for science.

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There isn't an Aldi near me, but I'm definitely going to check out what my local places have to try.

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I don't have a significant other to spend this Valentine's Day with, but that's okay! Chocolate red wine also sounds perfect for Galentine's Day!

Sure, romance is wonderful, but it can be just as much fun to celebrate your friendships too!

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