12+ Pics For People Living The Broke Life

Karli Steen 14 Nov 2018

I miss the days when I didn't have to pay any bills or have any major responsibilities.

Now, I just find myself hoping I can make it to payday. I know I can't be alone in the struggle.

This is too real for words. At this point, you know you shouldn't be shopping at all.

Twitter | @BestOfClosets

There's something that makes you feel a little better when you think you're spending less. That's exactly how I end up spending more.

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There is no moment more awkward than this struggle while trying to make plans.

Twitter | @BestOfClosets

Text messages like these are usually between myself and my friends that have the money to travel abroad. It's like we're living in two different worlds.

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I really loved getting those chocolate coins. Too bad they are not worth much in adulthood.

Twitter | @Rionaclairee

I am surprised she even has the restraint to save those. If they were mine, they would be gone in one sitting.

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My cats are part of the reason I am broke.

Imgur | KattJacobsen

Anyone with an animal knows that you work hard so they can have a great life. I'm pretty sure my cats would also steal my money if I left it around.

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Sometimes you can't afford the real thing, so you have to do your best with what you have.

Twitter | @SoRelates

All my friends and their uncles seem to like top-of-the-line yoga pants. I'll take four pairs from Costco any day!

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Repairs don't come cheap. Sometimes you have to improvise.

Reddit | [deleted]

As long as you don't rest your head at that end, it should still be pretty comfortable. It doesn't clash that badly!

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Any tip to save money is one worth trying.

Reddit | jaycrew

To be honest, those don't look very appetizing. However, your guests won't have to be concerned about bad breath.

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Can I just go back to being 15 for a while?

Tumblr | safieg-31

Then again, a time machine would probably cost all the money I ever make, and then some.

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Sometimes, all you can do is look at the positives.


Although, I wish my bank account would stay positive as well. It would be nice to give my loans to someone else.

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I used to laugh at people who did this, but now I could use some lessons.

Instagram | @denmartinez

I would save so much money and be prepared for the zombie apocalypse all at once.

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I can't help but relate to this on a personal level.

Twitter | @Louishill3580

I guess I'm going to have to upgrade from my usual scratch card method. They've always been a cheap source of fun.

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At least it didn't happen at a grocery store. I would prefer this any day.

There's always someone watching at the grocery store. At least they had the escape option.

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For one, it's free and I don't have to pack anything.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

However, if I spend too much time browsing everyone else's pictures, it's a one-way trip to bitter island.

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I have some friends who can still get away with ordering from the kids' menu.

Instagram | @hn_ic

They must have discovered where the fountain of youth is. I wish they would tell me.

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You can get pretty creative when you're low on cash flow.


I think the weirdest combination I've ever made is ketchup with rice. It's fine, but only in a pinch.

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There are some days I don't have any crumbs, let alone bread.

Tumblr | may

A calculator won't help me. I'll just keep buying scratch cards and hope for the best.

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