22 Zip-Tie Hacks We Wish We Knew Earlier

Diply 12 Jul 2017

Zip-ties are just one of those things you don't often think about, but they're surprisingly useful. I always think of them as those annoying things they use to secure kids' toys to packaging. You have to fight like crazy to get them off!

I see them in a new light now, though — thanks to these hacks.

1. Separate your cables. 

Pinterest | imgur.com

There's nothing more frustrating than tangled up cable cords. Use a few zip-ties to keep these annoying little cords in check without damaging them!

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2. Seriously. Who needs it?

Pinterest | beaubieblossom1.tumblr.com

Not me anymore! I'm gonna make sure that I remember this one! Can anyone attest to how well this little trick works? I'm really curious now.

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3. Got a saggy sofa? This Pinterest user has the fix!

Pinterest | Barb Gibson

"Fix it easy (and for under $20) with zip-ties! I uses the 11-inch long ones (100 pack for about $8) and it took 1.5 bags for a regular sofa. First pull off the bottom batting/fabric. Check the springs and make sure there are no broken ones. Start by zip-tying the S springs around the wooden frame (at the top and bottom of each S spring.) Then start on one side and zip-tie diagonally all the way across. Try it!"

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4. Remember this one if you ever have to move! 

Pinterest | Budget101.com

Use a zip-tie to keep the lids of your containers on. Drill a hole in the handle and lid handle and slide a zip-tie through. Fasten and tie — it's that easy!

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5. Use zip-ties for tire traction.

Pinterest | sunlitspaces.com

Don't let even the coldest weather slow you down! Tie a bunch of zip-ties around your bicycle tire for increased traction during winter months and go.

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6. Let's take it back to the warmer weather, though. 

Thirfty Fun | Thirfty Fun

You can use zip-ties in the garden this summer! Use these babies to support your plants.

Great for heavy plants that you're trying to train.

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7. Make your own bookcase. 

Pinterest | ajsartsanddesigns.com

Stack a bunch of crates and then attach them with zip-ties.

You can get crates pretty cheap, making this one affordable DIY bookcase!

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8. This is the easy way to hang stuff on vinyl siding — this clever Pinterest user is a genius! 

Pinterest | Optimum Garden

"Take a picture hanger, trim the hook, and add a zip-tie loop. To use, slip the hook under a siding lap and it locks into place. To remove just twist 90 degrees and pull. I looked all over for ideas and finally came up with my own. Enjoy and happy hanging!"

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9. This clever hacker secured a power bar underneath her ironing board using zip-ties. 

Pinterest | artthreads.blogspot.ca

So convenient and makes for much easier ironing! No more dangling cord!

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10. I guess you could call this part hack, part DIY?

Pinterest | thriftyhabit.com

Maybe? I don't know, but either way it looks pretty cool!

Not many people have light shade like this!

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11. This blogger decided to forget the traditional route of using elastics for tie-dye and instead went with zip-ties. 

Doodle Craft Blog | Doodle Craft Blog

I think it worked out quite nicely for her, don't you think?

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12. Zip-ties and pool noodles can make your trampoline just a little bit safer. 

Pinterest | Stacey Hamilton

More colorful, too! How pretty is this?

I'd suggest getting your pool noodles from the dollar store, though — that way this doesn't cost you a fortune.

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13. With the help of a zip-tie, you can rig up this fancy contraption.

Pinbusting | Pinbusting

Keep this scrub brush in your shower, and while you're waiting to rinse out your conditioner, give it a good scrub.

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14. Attach an Ikea canister to another piece from Ikea. 

Pinterest | Brandy Gibbons

Ikea is great, isn't it?

You know what else is great? Zip-ties. Look at this clever hack. Keep your beauty routine stuff neat and organized — easy peasy.

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15. Make it easy to hang up brooms, mops, and dust pans. 

The Krazy Coupon Lady | The Krazy Coupon Lady

A command hook combined with zip-ties will make putting these accessories away a lot easier and neater, too.

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16. A cheap and easy key ring.

One Good Thing | One Good Thing

The only downfall is that you'll have to cut it if you ever need to get your keys off, but zip-ties are so cheap it's not a big deal to replace.

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17. A deterrent for people that break into luggage.

Pinterest | Instructables

Secure your zippers with a zip-tie. Double hack if you use a brightly colored one, because it'll make it easier for you to spot your luggage at baggage claim.

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18. A makeshift zipper.

Instructables | Instructables

I don't know about you, but my zippers feel like they're constantly breaking left, right, and center. Here's a quick fix for when you need to do up your coat but don't have time to take it in to have the zipper replaced!

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19. Minimize space when packing.

Instructables | Instructables

Nothing is worse than having to choose just a few things to pack when you easily own 100 t-shirts alone. This handy little trick will ensure your clothes stay condensed so that you can fit more of them into your suitcase!

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20. Install a baby gate without damaging anything.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Let's face it: installing a baby (or pet) gate can cause a lot more damage than you'd like it to. Try using zip-ties instead of the fasteners that come in the box with the gate. This way you'll ensure the gate stays up AND you won't leave any permanent marks on your wall or railing.

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21. This one might actually be the best hack I've seen in a long time. 

One Good Thing | One Good Thing

You can use a zip-tie as a drain snake — "Use a large zip-tie to help fish hair out of a stopped-up drain. Use a sharp knife to cut diagonal notches along the sides of the zip-tie. Then slide it into the drain, and move it up and down to loosen debris and pick up hair."

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22. No wait, this is definitely the best use for a zip-tie I've ever seen. ...Just kidding.

Pinterest | Michael Rihani

Maybe don't try this one. At least not at the office anyway — it might land you in a bit of hot water.

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What I really want to know, though... 

Pinterest | Michael Rihani

How did this pin work out for this guy??

Come on, buddy — you can't just check off that you tried a pin like this without details!

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I don't know about you, but I can't wait to try these out! 

Giphy | Giphy

I guess I better go buy some zip-ties in bulk...

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