16 Times People's Creativity Failed Them

Diply 16 Feb 2018

Creativity is a good thing, but only if it works out in the end.

You can have what seems like the best idea anybody has ever had...but if it winds up broken into a million pieces, you'll probably wish that you'd never had that creative spark to begin with.

1. Don't freestyle when it comes to essential infrastructure.

Reddit | yeerk_slayer

We need power lines, and those lines need poles, and those poles need support...but surely there was some middle ground between traditional power lines and ones that straight up invade their surroundings.

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2. Such whimsy.

Reddit | Friendbear8

It seems easy to lay bricks so they won't look like they were placed there by a jittery gorilla, but then you actually embark on a project and your skills fail to meet your creativity.

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3. A+ creativity right here.

Reddit | Reddit

You need some kind of face guard (safety first and all), but all you have at your disposal is a pair of sunglasses and a sheet of paper.

Simple: combine them into an effective and stylish safety mask.

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4. Only $40?!

Reddit | Grimmster

You've gotta love the stuff that pops up on Craigslist. This guy decided to get into carpentry for whatever reason, so he bought himself a Skilsaw.

Something happened (he blames his wife) and now he's selling it. Yeah, it was totally probably his wife.

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5. Some well-thought-out improvisation.

Reddit | HouseSomalian

It might seem a little bit dangerous to engineer this solution for when your ladder isn't long enough. But look closer: The guy at the bottom might be wearing rubber-soled shoes. If he is, there's a chance they won't get horrifically electrocuted!

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6. Creative? Yes. Safe and effective? Uhhh...

Reddit | unicornduck

This guy needed to sand an inch off the door he's riding. I know this might work in theory, but sanding is a delicate thing. Nobody wants a road-rashed door.

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7. They know that aluminum foil is made of aluminum, right?

Reddit | BlackWhiteRedYellow

...and that aluminum is a metal, and that aluminum is conductive? Somehow, I think this on-the-fly solution for covering an electrical outlet might be a tad dangerous.

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8. "That'll hold."

Reddit | Reddit

Here's a great lesson: Just because something works for now doesn't mean it'll work forever. And a shelf that rests its entire load on one small bathroom fixture isn't gonna work forever.

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9. Crisis averted.

Reddit | qaz957

A big hole in the ground might seem like a big safety risk, but quick-thinking workers realized it was nothing a couple of orange cones and some caution tape wouldn't fix.

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10. Always nice to get the community involved in workplace safety incidents.

Reddit | drummechanic

Because a parade with a bunch of people on a cherry picker that has other people dangling from it sounds like a great idea.

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11. Convenience!

Reddit | wakka54

This guy built his own wireless car charger. He just has to sacrifice access to his controls. It looks like someone broke into a car, ripped the wires out, and left the stereo.

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12. Can't imagine why that wouldn't work.

Reddit | AmantisAsoko

Who'd have thought that their mood lighting rig, where light strands are held up by Duct tape in a steamy environment, would ever start to collapse?

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13. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Reddit | ThreeFingeredTypist

Trampolines are tough to move. But they're also pretty much gigantic sails that catch the wind. Unless you want your car to be a sailboat, don't do this.

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14. There's nothing classier than stark black and white.

Reddit | UnoriginalUrsula

How hard can tiles be, right? You're just sticking a bunch of little squares to the countertop. No need to hire a professional when you can do it yourself.

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15. Spheres are harder than they look.

Reddit | wallacemk

For reasons known only to him, one Redditor decided to put hundreds of hours, $500 and 42,000 matches into making a sphere. Then the sphere didn't turn out right. Then he burned it.

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16. "Guess it's just part of the fence now."

Reddit | lunarlumberjack

The guy who posted this captioned it, "I am not a smart man."

Honestly, I have nothing to add to the original statement.

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