12 Ways To Reuse An Old Pill Bottle

Diply 4 Nov 2016

Pill bottles are something that I don't often think about, but there are so many things that you can do with these tiny canisters. We don't see too many of these around my home, maybe the odd time my husband or I get sick and have to go on antibiotics, but other than that, we are a pill-free house. Not that I am wishing illness on my family or anything, but after compiling this list, I want to get my hands on some empty pill bottles. Looks like I am going to have to start canvassing my grandma for her empty pill bottles.

Take a look at these 12 ideas that use empty pill bottles, and let me know if this is enough to have you saving pill bottles.

1. Instead of bringing an entire bottle of shampoo when you travel, just bring what you need. 

The Beauty Blog | The Beauty Blog

Empty pill bottles are great for this!

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2. A quaint little sewing kit. 

Tuscan Rose | Tuscan Rose

This would be great for on-the-go sewing emergencies.

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3. Never get locked out again. 

Hacks Of Life | Hacks Of Life

Make this handy secretive spare key holder.

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4. Always have change for the laundromat 


Or whatever else you need change for. Coffee? Arcade? Do people still go to arcades?

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5. A place to store your earbuds. 

One Good Thing by Jillee | One Good Thing by Jillee

Don't forget to dress up your old pill bottle with a little bit of washi tape.

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6. What about a friendly little snowman? 

Crafting a Green World | Crafting a Green World

This is a great craft you can do with the kids on a cold winter day.

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7. Use old pill bottles as forms to make your own crayons. 

Momtastic | Momtastic

Meltdown broken crayons to make one super crayon!

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8. Store all those impossibly tiny craft supplies

Instagram | @stonedwhite

You know those ones that always end up strewn all over the carpet of your craft room.

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9. On-the-go nail polish remover 

Quick and Dirty Tips | Quick and Dirty Tips

Great for traveling or emergencies!

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10. Make your own tiny survival kit. 

Survival at Home | Survival at Home

Keep this handy kit in your car or purse. You never know when you will be in an emergency situation.

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11. When you are traveling you can use an empty pill bottle to store cotton swabs. 

4EighteenSisters | Huffington Post

Or keep these handy and in your purse.

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12. Or, to store bobby pins 

IHeart Organizing | IHeart Organizing

I lose so many of these!

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