10 Useful Tricks For Anyone Who Uses A Hair Straightener

Diply 9 Nov 2017

When you start styling your hair, I'm sure the first hot tool you bought was a straightener. Even though pin-straight hair may not be as trendy at the moment, a straightener is an essential tool for most of us.

It can work as a crimper or curling iron, too — it all depends on how you use it. And if you want to use the straightener for its original purpose, then that's perfect, too!

Here are 10 useful tricks that will make anyone with a straightener an absolute magician with the tool.

1. First and foremost, GET A HEAT PROTECTANT! 

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Have you ever touched a straightener? They are so hot. Now, think about applying that kind of heat on your fragile hair without any protection!

Heat can cause dryness, breakage, and some major damage to your hair if you're not careful. Not a good look. To keep your hair healthy, then always apply a heat protectant spray because it will act as a barrier between your hair and the straightener.

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2. I know that many straighteners can go up to 450°F degrees, and as swell as that sounds, do not use a heat setting that is higher than 365°F degrees.

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I know it's tempting, but DON'T!

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You might think that it will straighten your hair faster, but it will just damage it beyond repair. 

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Anything past 420°F is basically the danger zone. It can melt the keratin protein in your hair, which is a big no-no.

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3. If you want silky smooth and tangle-free hair, follow your straightener with a comb or a brush. 

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This works wonders, and it can make your hair look even straighter.

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4. This trick is for all the forgetful and paranoid people! 

Croc USA | Croc USA

If you have ever driven back home to double-check whether or not you unplugged your straightener, maybe you need a straightener that has an automatic shut-off feature. This straightener does, and it turns off after 30 minutes of non-use.

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And that means no more panicking and remembering halfway through the day that you think you left your hair straightener on. 

Reaction Gifs | Reaction Gifs

Straighteners with an automatic shut-off feature will save you a big headache.

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5. Who wouldn't want volume?!

Pink Pistachio | Pink Pistachio

Even though your goal might be to have pin-straight hair, a little volume at the crown won't hurt.

When you get to the crown of your head, flat-iron your hair from the back of your head towards the front. This trick works like a charm, and after you do it once, you won't be able to straighten your hair any other way again.

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6. To achieve even more extra volume, use a round brush! You can use this trick for the rest of your hair, too — not just the crown! 

Little Miss Momma | Little Miss Momma

It will look like you had a fresh blow-out without the struggle of using a blow dryer.

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7. An added bonus is that this trick is a great way to get rid of a cowlick. 

Little Miss Momma | Little Miss Momma

Once you pull the flat iron through the ends of your hair, roll the brush all the way back to your scalp. Leave it there for a few moments until your hair cools down, and then release the brush. So easy!

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8. Straighteners are a multipurpose tool! 

Plane Pretty | Plane Pretty

By following this quick and easy tutorial, you can get loose, beachy waves. This would work really well for people who have short hair or lots of layers.

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9. Who needs a curling iron when you have a straightener? 

Bang Style | Bang Style

Use the shape of your straightener to your advantage! The width of it can determine whether you achieve a tight or loose curl. The wider the straightener is, the looser the curls will look.

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10. Straighteners are hot, which means they need some time to cool off once you are done using them. 

Amazon | Radiant Complex

Instead of burning a hole through your blanket or leaving a burn mark on your floor, you need to get an affordable heat-resistant mat. This will put an end to you damaging your countertop.

Do you have any straightening tips? Comment and let us know!

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